Sumatra earthquake appeal

Children from the village of Kampung Tangah in West Sumatra. Credits: James Alcock/Caritas

Children from the village of Kampung Tangah in West Sumatra.
Credits: James Alcock/Caritas

On 30 September, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of West Sumatra, killing at least 787 people and leaving 241 missing.

Over 180,000 houses were severely to moderately damaged. Assessment teams have witnessed between 70 percent and 100 percent of houses damaged beyond repair in remote villages.

Caritas Internationalis humanitarian Director Alistair Dutton said, “Priority needs include emergency shelter supplies, drinking water, food, mobile clinics, school activities, distribution of logistic, planning for livelihood for the next 6 months, psychosocial. In addition, risk reduction concerns are critical.”

Caritas is appealing for US $ 1,885,740.59 (EUR 1,265,231) to provide:

  • Shelter (tarpaulins/ tents/shelter kits) for 20,000 families;
  • Food packages for 8,440 families and 1,700 children;
  • Agriculture/livelihoods support for 400 families;
  • Basic health service provision for at least 1,960 families;
  • Hygiene kits for 17,800 families;
  • Psychosocial support in targeted communities, benefiting at least 2,100 families and 2,950 individuals.

The appeal reflects the activities of Caritas Indonesia (known locally as Karina) and four international Caritas agencies operational in Sumatra.

Field distributions started on 6 October, with the distribution of 1,600 tarpaulins in Lurah Ampalo in Pariaman District.

In addition, 660 tents, 245 shelter kits, 122 repair kits, and 594 hygiene kits have been distributed to families in 20 villages to date.

The emergency appeal will take place in two phases; the initial, immediate response phase will last until end December and a recovery phase will take place in 2010, possibly running into 2011.

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