Finding hope as Copenhagen fails

People marching in Copenhagen demanding climate justice Credits: Caritas

People marching in Copenhagen demanding climate justice
Credits: Caritas

The Copenhagen summit on finding a climate change action plan has failed. World leaders produced a weak toothless deal that will not help the poor in developing countries deal with effects of worsening weather conditions.

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The short-sighted approach to climate change means that the pressure must continue on developed nations.

Caritas Bangladesh President Theotonius Gomes said, “Failure in Copenhagen puts the lives of millions of people in Bangladesh in danger.

“However, we have to take hope out of this summit. We saw a huge mobilisation of people around the world clamoring for justice. Those calls will only grow. The momentum for change will become unstoppable.”

Caritas Internationalis Secretary General Lesley Anne Knight said, “Leaders may be lagging behind, but the level of commitment shown by people from all over the world in the run up to Copenhagen has shown unequivocally that the public is firmly behind a strong climate change deal.”

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“Leaders must now set a firm deadline for coming to a comprehensive and binding agreement as soon as possible in the coming months, and we’ll be watching them every step of the way,” said Lesley Anne Knight.

Caritas work to support the poor as the deal with extreme weather will of course continue, as will its advocacy on their behalf.

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