Post election violence in Nigeria

By Caritas Nigeria staff

A crisis has erupted in Sokoto after presidential elections ended in violence. The conflict has caused the destruction of lives and property worth millions of naira. Some of the people are displaced from their homes and their means of livelihood taken away owing to the destruction that has taken place.

MALUMFASHI: This area saw the destruction of property. Churches were destroyed, vehicles were burnt and houses were razed by the miscreants. These include ECWA Church, Baptist Church, Cherubim and Seraphim, as well as the homes of many Christians and their places of business.

FUNTUA: This area witnessed the destruction of lives and properties of Christians. St. Theresa’s Catholic Church,  First Baptist Church, as well as the homes and property of Christians who, mostly are taking refuge at Police Stations and the premises of the Federal Government Girls College, Bakori. Their houses have been burnt down and they are completely displaced.

Many have been killed in Funtua and very many are wounded and are in the hospitals. There is a need for an emergency response to aid this people who are displaced and are in need of measures to help them get their lives together to move on.

In Malumfashi, the number of displaced persons is estimated at 1,320 (one thousand, three hundred and twenty), while in Funtua the number of displaced persons is estimated at 1,500.