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Fifi (left) and her friends are voting for their country's youth and future. Credits: Worms/Caritas

Fifi (left) and her friends are voting for their country’s youth and future.
Credits: Worms/Caritas

On 28 November 2011, Congo held its second democratic election since a 1998-2003 war in which as many as 5 million people are estimated to have died.

Despite a formal peace accord eight years ago, Congo still faces simmering conflicts with rebels in its east.

Caritas Congo and the Church in Congo have been part of peacebuilding efforts throughout the country to campaign for a peaceful election and monitored the November 2011 elections.

The election commission delivered millions of ballot papers to more than 50,000 polling stations, in a country of 2,345,000 square kilometres (77 times the size of former colonial ruler Belgium).

Although some violence was reported during the week of November 28, Caritas hopes the outcome of the elections is a peaceful Congo.

Caritas Internationalis Ryan Worms is monitoring the elections with Caritas Congo. Please follow his reports on our blog.

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