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The deadline for applications for this award has closed. We look forward to announcing the winners of the women’s prize in the coming months.

Around the world, women who grew up hungry themselves are working to make sure their children have enough to eat. In many impoverished countries, women are banding together to fight hunger. Some women’s groups are using new farming techniques to grow more food. Other women are joining to form small businesses like bakeries. In places where people were starving, women are now feeding their families and communities.

Caritas and the Fidel Goetz Foundation want to celebrate the achievements of these women. We are offering two 10,000-euro prizes to women’s groups that have successfully combated hunger. Examples of groups include:

  • Women using new irrigation technologies to water dry land;
  • Microsavings groups that lend money to women entrepreneurs and encourage small businesses;
  • Soup kitchens that have formed innovative partnerships to use food that would otherwise be wasted;
  • Women who have developed new ways to market their products and earn money for food.

One 10,000-euro prize will go to a women’s group associated with Caritas. The other 10,000-euro prize will go to a non-Caritas group.

The deadline for applications was 30 June 2014. Please contact with questions.