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SyriaRefugeeMessage by Msgr Antoine Audo, president of Caritas Syria

As Syrians, we are proud of our country. We hope that our compatriots do not become refugees on the highways of the world and across its borders.

However, we understand all of those who have been tested by the war and who feel that their lives are in danger. For this reason, we ask for the countries who take them in to be welcoming and understanding, and while doing this, being active in rebuilding peace in Syria.

All Syrians have become poor. The rich have left the country with their wealth, the middle class has become poor and the poor have become paupers and beggars. We ask you to be generous in providing food and medical help to help people survive – especially children and women.

We ask that fighting ceases and that the arms trade which feeds the war in Syria is stopped. Help Syria find the path to reconciliation and peace through the support of the international community.