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Typhoon Haiyan, local name ‘Yolanda’, tore across the Philippines on Friday 8 November 2013. It left a trail of destruction in its wake.

Caritas Philippines (NASSA) helped hundreds of thousands of people in the aftermath of the storm.

Now, in a unique approach, Caritas is helping communities make their own plans on how to be better able to resist future natural disasters by building back better from Haiyan.

Participatory Disaster Risk Assessment Process

Participatory Disaster Risk Assessment Process is a process where a community create a ‘risk map’ – a map to saving lives in the Philippines – that identifies the threats and the capacity of individual households to rebuild their lives. Once the map is created, then gaps in the community can be identified and met.

Whether it’s housing, livelihoods, clean water, healthcare, the environment, government policies, Caritas delivers results set by those who have the greatest understanding of their circumstances, the affected communities themselves.

The programme aims to help as many as 5000 families this year.