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Caritas Internationalis is the global confederation of 165 Catholic organisations working on behalf of the poor. It is the arm through which the Church delivers its moral mission to help the most vulnerable and excluded people, whatever their religion or race.

September 21, 2015

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    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS): Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS): Frequently Asked Questions

By |21 September 2015|

The SDGs move beyond the Millennium Development Goals which were targets to improve global development between 2000 and 2015.

Six things you can do to help migrants and refugees

By |20 September 2015|

As individual states and the European Union struggle to come up with an effective and compassionate solution to the refugee crisis, communities and individuals are taking the situation into their own hands to welcome migrants.

Caritas Cuba awaits Pope Francis visit

By |19 September 2015|

Maritza Sanchez, national director of Caritas Cuba, reflects on what Pope Francis's visit to the island means for the faithful.

Afghan boy’s 4 year search for lost family

By |19 September 2015|

Ali lost his family 4 years ago in Afghanistan when he was just 11. After years of work and struggle, he has arrived in Europe in search of them and a future.

India’s poor await the Sustainable Development Goals

By |16 September 2015|

India’s economy is said to have doubled since 2008, but the growing disparity between the poor and the rich is still appalling. India is still a home to one third of the world’s poor people.

The poor must be at the heart of the future of development

By |15 September 2015|

Caritas is calling for the world to put the poor first and ensure the safe future of the planet by uniting behind the United Nations’ new Sustainable Development Goals which promise to end extreme poverty, tackle inequality and take action on climate change by 2030.

The importance of the Sustainable Development Goals

By |15 September 2015|

Towards the end of September, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be adopted by member states at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. These goals will set the tone and direction for development and aid over the next 15 years.

Refugees head west: from Aleppo to Vienna

By |13 September 2015|

The war in Syria is reaching the heart of Europe, with hundreds of thousands of refugees leaving the Middle East through the Western Balkans. Their voyages are filled with peril and suffering, but along the way they're receiving solidarity and help.

Refugees and migrants arriving in Europe must be welcomed

By |9 September 2015|

Caritas Internationalis calls upon governments, communities and all people of good will to welcome refugees while working for peace as a priority in their homelands.

Caritas food aid reaches refugees on Greek Macedonia border

By |5 September 2015|

Caritas Greece provided 2000 food kits to refugees and migrants crossing from Greece into Macedonia, as staff describe scene of unforgetable misery and heartbreak.

Macedonia and the refugee and migrant crisis

By |4 September 2015|

Msgr. Antun Cirimotic, secretary general of Caritas Macedonia, says the aim is to help the migrants and refugees travelling through the country by providing them water, food and hygiene materials, so that they have enough until they reach Serbia.

Caritas launches appeal to help refugees in Serbia

By |3 September 2015|

Caritas launches appeal to help refugees and migrants crossing Serbia, providing 100,000 people with food, water, counselling, sleeping bags, health and clothes.

Aid reaches refugees on Greek islands

By |2 September 2015|

Greece is being overwhelmed by refugees and migrants, with a spike in the number of arriving this year. They’re mostly from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. They’re fleeing war and poverty. Caritas aid has reached the islands of Kos and Chios.

Prayer for the Care of Creation

By |1 September 2015|

World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation is a time for individuals to examine their lifestyles and the way they impact the environment. Please watch a film to mark the day.

August 28, 2015

Inside Calais’s migrant camp

By |28 August 2015|

For some migrants, Calais is the last stage of their journey before reaching the United Kingdom. For others, it’s a limbo. “Jungle 2” is a new site for the migrants, tolerated by the local authorities. There are between 2000 and 3000 people there. Secours Catholique (Caritas France) is working with others to improve the conditions there.

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