December 20, 2016

Hunger crisis in southern Madagascar

By |20 December 2016|

Five years of poor harvests mark what is now the country’s worst drought in 35 years, magnified by the effects of El Nino weather upheavals.

July 18, 2012

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    ‘You saved my daughter’s dignity’: Caritas aids Madagascar family

‘You saved my daughter’s dignity’: Caritas aids Madagascar family

By |18 July 2012|

“I was about to make the worst mistake of my life,” says Angeline, a disabled widow and mother of three living in Madagascar. “Our house collapsed in the storm, and my children hadn’t eaten anything for almost three days. The baby was 11 months old and only weighed 6 kilogrammes.” “I was on the point of sending my 13-year-old daughter into prostitution when the CRS-Caritas work programme accepted me.” In February 2012, tropical cyclone Giovanna decimated villages on the island nation of Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa. Destroying homes and crops, the storm made life even harder for hundreds of thousands of people who were already poor and desperate. Before the cyclone, Angeline’s family scraped by. When her husband, a day labourer, died shortly after their third child was born, the $1.20 he had earned each day was gone. But she and her daughter would do laundry in their village, [...]