July 28, 2014

New tech solutions for HIV

By |28 July 2014|

New technologies offer hope to sick people living in poverty. At an AIDS conference in Melbourne, Australia, four scientists associated with Catholic institutions discussed ways to measure HIV infections and treat them.

Supporting children of migrant parents in South-East Asia

By |22 July 2014|

As South-East Asians increasingly migrate overseas in search of work, there is concern over the growing number of family members, particularly children, left behind in the home countries.

August 20, 2012

Caritas Cambodia awarded medal for flood response work

By |20 August 2012|

Caritas provided food and emergency items to thousands of people when floods struck in autumn 2011.

May 16, 2012

Cambodia: Battambang battered by bad weather

By |16 May 2012|

Two people died and around 30 houses were destroyed after rainstorms hit Cambodia's Battambang province on 4 May. An estimated 116 families in seven villages were affected by rainstorm in Preytralach. Among all the destroyed houses, 20 were fully destroyed while 18 were 70 percent destroyed.

July 7, 2011

Caritas anniversaries

By |7 July 2011|

The strength and history of the Caritas confederation shone strongly in 2010 with several members celebrating significant anniversaries.

April 29, 2011

Helping families caught in Thai-Cambodia conflict

By |29 April 2011|

As fighting on the border between Thailand and Cambodia continues, Caritas Cambodia together with the support of Caritas member Catholic Relief Services is aiding thousands of families who had to flee shelling.

January 24, 2011

Cambodia’s floating villages show how to rise above climate change

By |24 January 2011|

By Christine Campeau, Climate and Food Security Advisor, Caritas Internationalis  Working on climate justice issues over the past few years, I spend a lot time learning how people around the world are adapting to climate change. I was recently fortunate to experience a unique example of adaptability in Southeast Asia, where I took a trip to the floating villages of Kompong Khleang to see how a local community in Cambodia has dealt with the constant shift in water levels upon which they live. Kompong Kleang is a fishing village that sits on the Tonle Sap Lake, which stretches across the northwest portion of the country. During the rainy season, this lake swells fivefold, flooding the surrounding forest floodplains and supporting an extremely diverse eco-system. This phenomenon is natural and has nothing to do with to the effects of climate change. However, the floating village could be used as a lesson on how to [...]

June 30, 2010

Cambodia threatened by climate change

By |30 June 2010|

On 1 June Caritas along with the Ministry or the Environment and other agencies such as UNDP and Oxfam organised a seminar on climate change in the capital Phonm Penn. About 100 people, including environmentalist, members of government institutions, NGOs and benefactors attended the seminar aimed at discussing strategies to deal with climate change. Most people in Cambodia depend on farming for their livelihoods. 84 percent live in rural areas. Many live in high risk areas from flooding, droughts and cyclones. Kim Rattana of Caritas Cambodia said, "One of the biggest challenges we are facing in our development work is the increasing occurrence of natural disaster. What we have achieved over many years is being destroyed by storms and washed away by floods." Last year, Typhoon Ketsana destroyed hundreds of homes in Cambodia. Caritas Cambodia had to provide 30,000 people with relief items and food. Low water levels in the Mekong this year, the [...]

August 15, 2008

From despair to hope in Cambodia

By |15 August 2008|

When Caritas Cambodia found Kim Haeng in a shack in Siam Reap she was living more like an animal than a person. The 20 year-old was skeletal unwashed, eating food from the floor, and unable to speak. Her parents died when she was five and a relative sold her to a brothel. She was a sex worker for 15 years until she became too ill to work and the brothel owner turned her out with nothing. Caritas staff first thought she had suffered such trauma that she had withdrawn from the world forever. But they did not give up hope. She received anti-AIDS therapy and her health started to return. She got counselling. It was a long road, with relapses including a return to prostitution, but she broke out of her psychological prison. Now a beautiful confident young woman, she is an active volunteer, speaking out in the community for those people living [...]