June 17, 2008

Caritas Japan leads global campaigning on G8

By |17 June 2008|

“We want them to hear all voices, not just in eight countries, but all voices.” As leaders from the world’s most powerful nations prepare to gather for  the G8 summit in Japan, Caritas Japan is gearing up to send them a message on behalf of the poor people in the world. Fr. Daisuke Narui, Executive Director of Caritas Japan, says Caritas wants to bring the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and climate change to the attention of the summit’s leaders. “These are global issues.  We want them to hear all voices on these issues, not just those from eight countries, but all voices,” said Daisuke. Caritas Japan has produced 80,000 postcards bearing a message to encourage rich countries to provide justice and not charity on aid. The postcards have been given to people in parishes, schools and Catholic hospitals across Japan and people are urged to sign them and send them to Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo [...]

Caritas President keeps pressure on G8

By |17 June 2008|

Caritas Internationalis President Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga is keeping up the pressure on G8 countries with a call to live up to their promises on aid. After meeting with world leaders in the run up to previous G8’s, Cardinal Rodriguez is urging this year’s summit in Hokkaido, Japan 7-9 July to not let anti-poverty targets be missed due to lack of money. Cardinal Rodriguez said, “Aid can make a real difference to people. I have seen how it can transform societies, for example in my own country Honduras. It would be a scandal if poor people are not given the chance to change their own lives through lack of the right support from rich countries.” The G8 includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK, and the United States. Leaders of G8 countries will meet to discuss development among other issues. World leaders set 2015 as the target date for the achievement [...]

April 17, 2008

Our messages to the G8 in Japan

By |17 April 2008|

Aid works. Much of the work on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is still to be done. Missing the MDGs through lack of financing is unforgivable. 2008 is the key to finding missing funding. The gap between Africa and other regions of the developing world is large and challenging but it does not have to be discouraging.  There are success stories. Most importantly, the success stories show that the combination of resources and commitment on the part of African governments and African people, can make a huge difference.  We need both the commitment from Africa and the political will on the part of donor governments to provide the resources.  Regrettably the figures for last year show that they are faltering in their commitment. They must have the courage, especially now at a time of slowing economic growth in their own economies, to put their aid budgets back on track to meet their [...]