November 16, 2015

Rights of the Child protected by Caritas in Swaziland

By |16 November 2015|

The right to “life, survival and development”, to “education and health care”, to “participation” are all protected under the Convention on the Rights of the Child which is commemorating its 26th anniversary.

August 28, 2013

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    Congo bishop urges peace: “In the name of God, let us live!”

Congo bishop urges peace: “In the name of God, let us live!”

By |28 August 2013|

Bishop Theophile Kaboy of Goma has condemned the violence sweeping the troubled east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In a pastoral letter, Bishop Kaboy says called for an end to “the vicious circle of violence” and pleaded “in the name of God , let us live!”

Goma sees yet more fighting in troubled Congo

By |23 August 2013|

Goma in the troubled east of the Democratic Republic of Congo was shelled again this week despite the UN peacekeeping force (MONSUCO) putting a security perimeter around the city.

May 23, 2013

Caritas helping those forced to flee in Congo

By |23 May 2013|

Fighting near Goma, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo's largest city, has killed at least 20 people since Monday and ended an uneasy six-month calm between the army and fighters from the M23 rebel group.

Fighting returns to Nord-Kivu in Congo

By |22 May 2013|

By Guy-Marin Kamandji After about six months of a truce, fighting has resumed around the eastern Congolese city of Goma, in North Kivu. An offensive by M23 rebels started on Monday 20 May at dawn in Mutaho. Eye-witnesses, speaking  on Radio Okapi, said, “We heard heavy arms fire on the hills around our homes from about 4 in the morning. We left immediately without taking anything. It is under these conditions that we arrived at Mugunga...  we were scattered. There are people who have not found their children." Caritas says it registered 132 families in Mugunga III camp on Monday from Mutaho. “M23 troops resumed fighting in the early hours of Monday. These clashes have caused a panic among the population of several villages and many people have moved to a neighborhood in the north east of Goma,” said Caritas Goma. “Our last information is that 3000 people have arrived at the St.Francis Xavier [...]

Congo’s women dream of water

By |14 May 2013|

April 30, 2013

Taking Congo’s message to the United Nations

By |30 April 2013|

Caritas has been a profound partner assisting us at every level with courage and compassion as well as their capacity to make differences in the lives of people and communities.

From child soldier to top student in Congo

By |12 April 2013|

By Taylor Toeka, Caritas Goma Francais Germain Muhindo comes top of his class almost always, yet a few months ago the eight year old first grader had never even seen a chalkboard. But he had seen war. He was forced into being a child soldier for three months in September 2012 by fighters in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s ravaged east. "We were working to the fields when we met the rebels,” said Germain. “They ordered my older brother, who is thirteen, to carry their bags. He refused so they hit him and made him do it. As there were only two of us, they made me come along too.” Half a million people were driven from their homes in North Kivu last year and thousands of children were taken to be used as soldiers, cooks, messengers, porters or the girls as sex slaves by government and rebel forces. “Every day I thought of [...]

February 14, 2013

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    Urgent need of assistance for displaced Congolese suffering from mental disorders

Urgent need of assistance for displaced Congolese suffering from mental disorders

By |14 February 2013|

January 18, 2013

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    Rebel repatriation goes wrong in Congo leading to new crisis

Rebel repatriation goes wrong in Congo leading to new crisis

By |18 January 2013|

An effort to repatriate Rwanda rebels currently in the Democratic Republic of Congo has ended in violence that’s forced thousands to flee. 250 rebels from Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) plus 500 of their dependents gave themselves up for repatriation to Congolese government troops and local militias in Walungu, South Kivu in eastern Congo on 2 January. But the plan went wrong and ended in heavy fighting between the Rwandan rebels and the Congolese forces. Further fighting has ensued and the rebels have now escaped into the forest. Over 5,800 families have been forced to flee because of the fighting. Caritas Bukavu is working in the area to provide emergency food rations for one or two weeks, thanks to funds received from Caritas members. Read the full story in French

December 13, 2012

Rescuing child soldiers in Congo’s war

By |13 December 2012|

Although international law has called for an end the recruitment of children into armed forces for over a decade, in the Democratic Republic of Congo the practice is widespread.

Hungry and homeless in Congo’s East

By |10 December 2012|

Congo bishops decry chaos in East

By |6 December 2012|

The Catholic bishops of the Democratic Republic of Congo are urging for an end to the conflict in the east of the country. They condemn rebel militia for seizing the city of Goma last month and the foreign powers who support them. They also urge their government and politicians to address the root causes of the war and the lack of governance, infrastructure and services in the East. The Church leaders are urging the international community to look again at the mandate for UN peacekeepers based in Eastern Congo, who took no action during the fall of Goma. Read the full text: Read the message in French Read the message in English

Debout femme de Mugunga!

By |5 December 2012|

November 30, 2012

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    Democratic Republic of Congo: thousands take refuge in Church buildings

Democratic Republic of Congo: thousands take refuge in Church buildings

By |30 November 2012|

From our Caritas member in England and Wales on the situation in Congo

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