Jerusalem mourning

By |24 March 2011|

By Joseph Cornelius Donnelly in Jerusalem You can know much but know nothing. You can be near but be far. Realities are intensely complicated here. Details get reiterated daily for decades plus. But facts, hard carefully considered can be elusive when anyone from any of the myriad perspectives attempts to explain situations. However, today’s kind of dreadful facts are unmistably real and clear. Harsh, hard-hitting reality smacks you in the head and guts. Nine hours later no one, no group, had taken responsibility for the quite unexpected bomb exploding in Central Jerusalem near bus station about 3:00PM this sunny afternoon. One woman is dead while 50 others share injuries from light to severe. This horrible attack on life kills in several ways. It’s indiscriminate and all the more invasive against innocent life.

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    The story of Samer and Maryam, Palestinian migrants fleeing from Libya

The story of Samer and Maryam, Palestinian migrants fleeing from Libya

By |23 March 2011|

Two weeks ago, Samer started his journey back home. From Bengazi in Libya, he left for Egypt. Walking is difficult for the old man, but he wanted to leave Libya while it was still possible, before the city would be surrounded by the government’s troops.

Goma suffers as Congo unrest continues

By |3 September 2009|

Seven people killed and 255 houses burnt down in rebel attacks in North Kivu, eastern Congo. The news to come from Caritas Congo yesterday was bleak, like it has been for months.

First there were stories of conflict and displacements, then the stories of child soldiers and rapes. Even a volcano may now erupt near Goma in North Kivu, threatening once again the population. All this on top of a war which began in the 1990s in which an estimated five million people died.

“The people of Goma have suffered a lot – especially in the years since 1993, when there have been inter-ethnic and political wars,” says Abbé Oswald Musoni, director of Caritas Goma.

Fierce fighting between government forces and rebel groups flared up in August 2008. Over 250,000 people fled their homes in just a few months – adding to the two million people displaced since the previous year.

Now, even though the […]

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