January 17, 2017

More help needed for refugees in Serbia

By |17 January 2017|

More help needed for refugees in Serbia as Caritas provides food in shelters but thousands more face freezing temperatures in the open.

December 13, 2016

Respecting fundamental right to migrate in Senegal

By |13 December 2016|

Caritas respects fundamental right of people to migrate to improve their lives or because of instability.

Integration of migrants must be focus

By |10 December 2016|

Caritas Internationalis says this Human Rights Day 10 December that more must be done to ensure integration for migrants and refugees.
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    Ugandan scrub turns into second largest refugee camps in world

Ugandan scrub turns into second largest refugee camps in world

By |2 December 2016|

Up until July, Bidi Bidi in Northern Uganda was mostly sparsely populated grassland. Now, it’s the second largest refugee camp in the world home to 220,000 people.

November 17, 2016

Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

By |17 November 2016|

Pope Francis has taken the issue of migrants to his heart, especially child migrants. Caritas Internationalis (CI) joins the Pope asking for durable solutions to protect migrant children.

Bringing light to the child migrants in our midst

By |17 November 2016|

On the occasion of Universal Children's Day, Caritas appeals for all possible measure to guarantee the protection and safety of child migrants.

October 24, 2016

  • The One Human Family, One Voice, No Human Trafficking conference took place 5-7 September. It was organised by Caritas Internationalis and the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People and hosted by Caritas Nigeria. Photo by Caritas/Anna Bartošová
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    Caritas working against human trafficking at an international level

Caritas working against human trafficking at an international level

By |24 October 2016|

Caritas not only helps trafficked people by giving practical help and advice in towns and villages, but we also try to influence public opinion and advocate to key players as the Pope has called us to do.

Home away from home in Mexico

By |4 October 2016|

Caritas believes it is vital that migrants are treated with dignity as persons. Caritas Mexico provides all kinds of assistance to those seeking hope for their families through their Casa del Migrante program

September 29, 2016

Pope Francis calls for Middle East peacemakers

By |29 September 2016|

Pope Francis met with Church workers on the crisis in Syria and Iraq 29 September in the Vatican. There were representatives of 40 Catholic aid agencies and Churches engaged there in humanitarian operations, including Caritas organisations.

UN can make history for refugees and migrants

By |15 September 2016|

The United Nations will be discussing a plan for helping the 65 million people who’ve been uprooted by war, inequality, poverty, climate change around the world.

UN must do more to protect migrants and refugees

By |15 September 2016|

Ahead of the first ever UN summit on migrants and refugees in New York, Caritas Internationalis and Jesuit Refugee Services are calling for concrete change.

Eradicating human trafficking commitment

By |9 September 2016|

Faith-based organisations from over 40 countries agreed at a meeting in Abuja, Nigeria to combine forces and work more closely together on stopping human trafficking.

Saying no to human trafficking

By |7 September 2016|

130 human trafficking experts from Caritas and other faith organisations meet in Nigeria to discuss ways to end the crime.

Principles on minor migrants

By |6 September 2016|

Organisations, including Caritas Internationalis, have joined together to create a short document of recommended international ‘Principles’ as a reference tool on children affected by migration.
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    International conference on human trafficking within and from Africa

International conference on human trafficking within and from Africa

By |1 September 2016|

Caritas is committed to fighting against the sale and trafficking of men, women and children into slavery as beggars, prostitutes and forced labourers.

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