Drought hits Pakistan’s desert peoples

By |9 April 2014|

Pakistan’s desert regions of Cholistan in the southern Punjab and Tharparkar in Sindh are facing a hunger crisis. Caritas Pakistan is providing food and medical aid to those most in need.

Severe drought in Pakistan

By |17 March 2014|

Caritas has launched an emergency appeal to help families in the desert region of Tharparkar in Pakistan. They are facing a food crisis brought about by severe drought.

Making sense of All Saints massacre in Pakistan

By |3 October 2013|

Now I wonder how easy is it to kill the innocent for any noble cause what so ever and what is the worth of blood. Does any amount of compensation justifies the worth of martyr’s blood.

Trying to reach remote areas of Pakistan after earthquake

By |26 September 2013|

Despite a decision to demobilize Seleka, its fighters keep causing trouble. In Bossangoa this week there have been more clashes and houses burnt down.

Earthquake in Pakistan

By |25 September 2013|

Balochistan government spokesman Jan Mohammad Buledi confirmed Wednesday morning that 216 people have died and at least 373 people were injured.

Another year and more floods in Pakistan

By |9 August 2013|

Heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan have destroyed thousands of homes, roads, bridges and farms for the third year in a row. The 2010 floods were the worst in recent history, with a fifth of the country underwater. The 2011 and 2012 floods also caused damage across vast areas. Caritas Pakistan Executive Director Amjad Gulzar says that the current situation is already worse than the last two years. With more heavy rain expected over the coming weeks, the situation may get much worse. Caritas staff members are on the ground working with people in need. Read an interview with Amjad Gulzar followed by a radio interview with Andrew Schaefer, the Country Representative for CRS Pakistan. What has been the impact of the floods? The whole country experienced a second spell of the monsoon from 31 July to 4 August. The heavy showers triggered flash floods in different parts and caused widespread loss […]

Earthquake in Iran Pakistan

By |16 April 2013|

A strong earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hit Pakistan at 15.44 hours (10.44 GMT ) today. The tremors were felt in Islamabad, Lahore, Abbottabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Quetta, Multan, Kohat, Hangu, Bannu, Dir and many other areas across Pakistan.

Meeting basic needs in Philippines after super tyhpoon

By |18 December 2012|

By Jennifer Hardy, CRS Communications Officer

When Typhoon Bopha swept through Mindanao in the Philippines on 3 December, hundreds of thousands of people found themselves without shelter that night. New Bataan was especially hard hit. The neighbourhood of Andap lost 300 homes in a devastating mudslide. More than 900 people are reported missing since the storm, including 300 people in New Bataan alone.

Those who survived say they feel blessed to be alive, but for those who escaped the mudslide in Andap, they faced the morning of 4 December with nothing but the clothes they were wearing that night.

Olimpio Leon lost his home, and members of his extended family, in the mudslide. He is now staying with his wife and children in an evacuation centre in the local high school.

“Around four in the morning, the sky was dark with the storm and the winds were very strong,” he recalls of Bopha’s […]

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    Clean water urgent priority for flood survivors in Philippines

Clean water urgent priority for flood survivors in Philippines

By |22 December 2011|

Caritas teams continue to fan out over the southern Philippine island of Mindanao to help families suffering because of massive flash flooding. Close to 1000 people are confirmed dead, and whole sections of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City were washed away. Tens of thousands of people are living in evacuation centres like university gyms.

Caritas Philippines, known within the country as NASSA, sent a team to the Diocese of Iligan. Catholic Relief Services (CRS), a Caritas member from the USA, has a team on the ground in Cagayan de Oro. A team from CAFOD (Caritas UK) was one of the first to reach certain washed-away coastal areas (see photos).

In Cagayan de Oro, one of worst-affected areas, families are without access to clean water. Assessment teams report cramped quarters and poor sleeping conditions in the evacuation centres. Families also lack containers like buckets to store clean water. Some people are […]

Caritas responds to massive flooding in Asia

By |14 October 2011|

Monsoon rains and typhoons have inundated large areas of Asia, particularly in the Philippines, Cambodia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Thousands of people have fled their homes; others are living on roofs. Caritas teams are distributing aid and helping families recover when their homes are damaged and their crops swept away.

Caritas Philippines (locally called NASSA) is responding to typhoon damage in several dioceses. More than 5000 people are living in evacuation centres. Many more families are staying at home despite 7-foot-high water; they are living on second floors or staying with relatives who have two-storey houses. Caritas is distributing vouchers to 10,000 families for food, soap, detergent, and other necessities.

In Cambodia, where floods have affected over 100,000 families, Caritas teams are on the ground in several provinces. Thousands of families have been evacuated to pagodas, schools and other government buildings. They lack food and health care. Caritas Cambodia is giving families […]

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    Keeping a promise: Caritas helps Pakistan’s latest flood victims

Keeping a promise: Caritas helps Pakistan’s latest flood victims

By |28 September 2011|

In summer 2011, heavy monsoon rains inundated southern Pakistan, an area already reeling from massive floods in 2010. Here, a survivor tells her story.

My name is Shakeela Mohammad Bakhsh. I live in Badin along with my two brothers and sisters. We are living under the guardianship of our uncle because our father died.

I still remember the night of July 22, 2011. We were all sleeping—it was 3 a.m. Suddenly we heard the noise of flood waves reaching our house. The water level was rising fast, too fast for us to carry some household items. We heard the cries and moans of the people around us calling for help and rescue.

At last, some rescue teams came for us and carried us to a safer place. Here, we were alone, and had nothing to eat or drink with us. Adding woes to worries, my brother fell ill and we did not […]

Floods return to Pakistan

By |16 September 2011|

Caritas is supporting families caught in devastating floods in Pakistan in Sindh and northern Punjab. Heavy monsoon rains in August and September have caused flooding that has affected 5.3 million people

Caritas Internationalis Secretary General Michel Roy on a visit to Pakistan said, “There is an urgent need to help the millions of people affected by these floods. It’s a double tragedy as only last year some of the worst flooding in living memory overwhelmed huge swathes of the country. Again, the poorest and most vulnerable have been affected and they need our support. The 2011 floods underline the need to prepare and protect communities from future flooding. ”

Getting enough resources to people in need is a major challenge due to ongoing heavy rains across southern Sindh.

Shelter is an urgent need with over a million houses either destroyed or damaged. Over 300,000 people are now in relief camps, but most […]

Five million people affected by downpours in Pakistan

By |9 September 2011|

A heavy downpour in the last twenty-four hours has caused further flooding in Sindh in southern Pakistan as  monsoon rains affect 4.9 million. Flooding in Baluchistan is causing further misery.

In some of the worst affected areas of Sindh, 166mm of rain fell in a day. Over one million houses have been damaged so far.

Floods in Pakistan in the summer of 2010 were the worst in 80 years.

One-fifth of the country lay underwater, 18 million people struggled to find food and water and to keep a roof over their heads. Sindh was one of the worst affected parts of the country.

Caritas Pakistan’s National Coordinator for disaster Management Eric Dayal said earlier by phone that the current flooding in Sindh was almost the same in severity as last year.

Badin escaped flooding last year, but has been particularly badly hit in 2011. The district administration has set up 142 relief camps at […]

Flood Anniversary and the role of Caritas Pakistan

By |3 August 2011|

Amjad Gulzar, National Executive Secretary of Caritas Pakistan

The first flood anniversary brings back many memories; both happy and sad. We supported the victims in times of pain and suffering but there were many whom we could not reach in time. Caritas Pakistan, helped generously through its international partners and played vital role of bringing relief and help to thousands who suffered the tragedy.

The disaster last year was the worst in the history of the country. Nearly 20 million people were affected by massive floods and heavy rain during July and August 2010.

We shall continue our efforts in the rehabilitation phase with a focus on reconstruction, livelihood restoration, provision of health services and safe drinking water as well as psychosocial care support.
Caritas Pakistan in collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has organised a preparedness course this year. The training involved our Country Disaster Management Team keeping in view the […]

Seeking a normal life after Pakistan floods

By |28 July 2011|

Available in French Eric Dayal, National Coordinator for Disasters at Caritas Pakistan I’ve been to many of the affected areas since the floods and things have changed. People have started moving towards normal life in many respects. Now there are almost no camps and people have gone back to their villages. Many lives have been saved and people are getting food, medical facilities, clean water and shelter. There are still some people living in tents but many are making permanent houses. Caritas Pakistan has been providing roofing and construction materials to help with this.

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