November 30, 2012

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    Democratic Republic of Congo: thousands take refuge in Church buildings

Democratic Republic of Congo: thousands take refuge in Church buildings

By |30 November 2012|

From our Caritas member in England and Wales on the situation in Congo

Caritas aid gets through to Congo camps

By |29 November 2012|

Goma diary

By |22 November 2012|

International aid on its way to Goma in Congo

By |22 November 2012|

In the town of Butembo 1,250 family kits will be handed out by Caritas Congo, a local partner of Cordaid. The majority of the kits are destined for Goma. The 3,750 kits will be distributed by our local partners, Caritas Goma and Caritas Bukavu.

Life in Congo’s camps

By |21 November 2012|

"I came to the camp looking for safety from the rebels,” said Chantal, a 32 year old mother who is now living with her six children in Mugunga camp in North Kivu, in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. She reached the camp after travelling 60km from her home in Masisi. Her family escaped Masisi safely after it was attacked by ‘M23’ rebels. Jacques Mouhindo, another camp resident also from Massisi, wasn’t so lucky. His infant son was injured by a stray bullet while they fled, but thankfully survived. Mugunga camp is home to about 27,000 people. It is just one of the 40 camps that dot this part of Congo. Over a quarter of a million people have been forced from their homes since the M23 rebellion began in April. Chantal says life in the camp is difficult for her family. They’ve been there for six months. “I’m facing [...]

Congolese rebels take Goma as people flee

By |20 November 2012|

Anxiety in Goma

By |19 November 2012|

Conflict in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo is getting worse. Rebels called the ‘M23’ are only a couple of kilometers from the main regional city of Goma. Any attack would create a largescale humanitarian emergency as Goma has around one million residents. A Caritas staff member Eddy Yamwenzyio spoke to Valerie Kaye earlier by phone from Goma. At 0800 this morning, says Caritas Goma emergency officer Eddy Yamwenzyio , the Mayor Mr. Kubuya announced on the radio that the schools will be closed and children should stay at home. Meanwhile, the M23 rebels said that if the government failed to hold negotiations and withdraw troops from Goma then their military campaign would continue. Eddy Yamwenzyio says that during the course of the morning “the government forces were clearly taking their position in town and they were visible in every roundabout in the city. By 14:00 the shooting began, and everybody who was out started to run for shelter. [...]

July 3, 2012

Peacebuilding in Eastern Congo

By |3 July 2012|

En français:E x-combattants The situation in the eastern Congo province of North Kivu continues to deteriorate since conflict resumed in March after hundreds of former rebels defected from the army to join a renegade general. Keeping ex-rebels from returning to the bush is difficult. Poverty, lack of opportunities and lack of acceptance within their communities for their past lives, can lead the former fighters to pick up the gun once more. Caritas Goma is the diocesan Caritas operating in the area. Part of its peacebuilding programme aims to give the ex-combatants a future . Caritas works with the local villagers and the former fighters to create employment opportunities for the latter and improve relations between the two groups. Caritas organises the former fighters into groups of three plus one member of the community. Together they build small community projects. They also receive specialist training. The jobs range from motorcycle taxis to farming, working [...]

June 11, 2012

Caritas food aid gets though in eastern Congo

By |11 June 2012|

May 21, 2012

Recruitment of child soldiers returns to Congo

By |21 May 2012|

Thousands flee as horror returns to Congo

By |11 May 2012|

December 4, 2011

Départ de la République démocratique du Congo

By |4 December 2011|

Congo bishops urge peace ahead of elections results

By |4 December 2011|

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    Caritas Congo is ready to intervene in the event of problems on announcement of the presidential election results

Caritas Congo is ready to intervene in the event of problems on announcement of the presidential election results

By |1 December 2011|

Various cases of violence have been reported on the sidelines of the double presidential and general elections held in the DRC on 28 November. The Congolese people are holding their breath ahead of announcement of the presidential election results, which should be made on Tuesday 6 December by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The Caritas Internationalis delegation, which is staying in Kinshasa, was informed that a 20-year-old man, called Léandre, was shot dead while observing the posting of initial results at a polling station near his home. The incident took place in the Banunu neighbourhood, in the municipality of Matete, at 9:30pm on Monday. The delegation saw the young man's body and met his family. His father asked us to report his account. (See the account of the young man's father below) "If the violence escalates on announcement of the results, we will be ready to respond to the needs [...]

November 29, 2011

Mobilisation de la jeunesse congolaise.

By |29 November 2011|