June 20, 2016

Caritas Krakow prepares World Youth Day

By |20 June 2016|

Solidarity finds a solid foundation in God. There is no love of God without loving the other. And God's mercy invites us to act. Caritas Krakow is partly responsible for the preparation of meals for pilgrims. Caritas volunteers will also assist disabled people in their area.

May 24, 2016

Invitation for young people of Caritas to World Youth Day

By |24 May 2016|

Cardinal Tagle says, “History tells us that young people are the beating heart of society. This is true of the Church, it is also true of the service of charity that Caritas stands for.

February 20, 2015

Caritas helping war devastated Ukraine

By |20 February 2015|

Around 1.5 million Ukrainians in the east of the country have been uprooted by war. People who had homes and jobs find themselves crammed into a small room or two and are largely dependent on charity. Caritas has so far helped people with essential aid.

November 21, 2013

UN climate talks: Putting faith into action

By |21 November 2013|

Policy Officer Jo O'Neill reflects on a unique conference on faith communities attempts to tackle climate change and Poland's first ever Climate Mass.

Climate change talks in Warsaw

By |19 November 2013|

SCIAF believes that we have a duty to care for creation and that we should all have the opportunity to live life in dignity and to the full.

August 29, 2010

Caritas supporting Polish caretakers working in Germany

By |29 August 2010|

The first Polish home care providers supported through a German-Polish Caritas cooperation have started working in Germany. The project was created to bring together Polish home care providers and elderly Germans assisted by Caritas in their homes.

September 26, 2009

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    Imagine a world for tomorrow’s generation: Grow Climate Justice

Imagine a world for tomorrow’s generation: Grow Climate Justice

By |26 September 2009|

Caritas is calling for justice for the poor in developing countries who are most impacted by the adverse effects of climate change despite having done least to create it. Caritas launched the “Grow Climate Justice Campaign” at the end of 2008 during a UN conference on climate change in Poznan, Poland. Industrialised countries are responsible for 70 percent of carbon dioxide emitted since the start of the industrial era. Developing countries have the least capacity to cope and are most vulnerable to changes in weather patterns, catastrophic storms and other effects of climate change. The Grow Climate Justice Campaign brings together hundreds of thousands of Catholics to call on their governments to negotiate a socially just post-2012 climate agreement. Supporters are asked to sign an online petition and send postcards to their governments. The campaign is spearheaded by Caritas and CIDSE, an alliance of Catholic development organisations. Campaign objectives: All countries should recognize and protect [...]
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    Imagine a world for tomorrow’s generation: A view from Poznan and India

Imagine a world for tomorrow’s generation: A view from Poznan and India

By |26 September 2009|

A view from Poznan  Grow Climate Justice Campaign was launched on 7 December in Poznan. “People in countries such as Bangladesh are totally dependent on the weather,” Bishop Theotonius Gomes C.S.C, Bishop of Dhaka and President of Caritas Bangladesh said at the launch. “Our agriculture, and hence our whole culture, is based on water from the rains and rivers. Changed rainfall patterns, harsher storms and longer droughts are already costing lives and livelihoods,” he said. “We have seen a rapid increase in the need for relief efforts. Within the next 10 years there will be 200 million climate refugees, of which 25 percent, 50 million, could be from Bangladesh.” A mass was held in Fara Church in the Old Market Centre. Children from the local parish brought up offerings to the altar, which included a plant, some soil and water to symbolize the elements of the Earth. In the end, the conference in [...]

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