March 26, 2013

World Youth Day 2013: Participation of young people of Caritas

By |26 March 2013|

Caritas Brazil will hold an international youth meeting on 14th and 15th July in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Young people from Caritas member organisations are also invited to take part in the Missionary Week leading up to WYD.

November 22, 2012

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    “We are here for change” – GFMD Civil Society Days Statement 2012

“We are here for change” – GFMD Civil Society Days Statement 2012

By |22 November 2012|

Civil society leaders at global meeting point to co-responsibility with governments for solutions in labour migration, rights and development PORT LOUIS, Mauritius 22 November 2012- More than 800 representatives from civil society and governments from some 160 countries gathered in Mauritius this week to discuss changes needed in labour migration, protection of migrants, promotion of their rights and development. 

August 20, 2011

The hallmark of Christianity

By |20 August 2011|

More than 1000 young people gathered in the parish of the Holy Family in Madrid to hear Caritas Internationalis President Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga present his second catechesis at World Youth Day. The same day, Pope Benedict arrived in the Spanish Capital from Rome, Cardinal Rodriguez spoke of the Pope’s message for World Youth Day: “Planted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith.” Caritas Spain looks at what he said. Cardinal Rodriguez said, “Whatever we build must be planned in a way that that when tough winds blow, it isn’t swept away.” “Our lives are constantly put to the test by personal, family and social crises, through relativism and the ethics of convenience which try to uproot us and make us believe that all that which satisfies our personal needs is good. Yet faith isn’t the rational adherence to an ideology but a personal meeting with Christ who lives [...]

The foundations of faith

By |18 August 2011|

Caritas Internationalis president, Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga has given the first of three catecheses at World Youth Day in Madrid. The theme of all the catecheses is “That each of us uses what we receive to serve others.” Caritas Spain looks at the first catechesis.

World Youth Day inaugural mass

By |17 August 2011|

By Ana Guirao, Caritas Spain The heat didn’t stop thousands of young people coming to Plaza de Cibeles to take part in the inaugural mass for World Youth Day. Even though the celebration was starting at 8 in the evening, young people started to arrive from midday onwards. Young people with their country flags came from all corners of the city to converge on the square. Cardinal Antonio Maria Rauco, Archbishop of Madrid, welcomed the young people. He then gave a homily in which he said, “Do you accept the wonderful and beautiful challenge of “the new evangelisation” of your young peers? Answer him yes, remembering that vibrant and brave call of John Paul II in the homily on Monte del Gozo on the 20th of August, 1989: “Do not be afraid to be saints! Let Christ reign in your hearts! Answer him yes with a complete hope and a generous opening to the [...]

A fresh breeze is blowing through Madrid…

By |12 August 2011|

Ana Guirao, Caritas Spain (see below for Spanish) We just had the final press conference in preparation for World Youth Day. They offered us load of figures about the participation, registration, volunteers, costs and the like. Almost half a million people have already registered. We’re really on the home straight. The stage in Plaza de Cibeles – the place where the Pope will be welcomed - is almost up, so are all the structures to hold TV cameras and satellite equipment. Pilgrims have started to arrive and you can see all the volunteers on the streets wearing their green tabards. Madrid has been turned into one big stage in preparation for this festival of faith. This is the right time to celebrate hope. It’s a moment when many tired and disheartened young people will see firsthand that it’s possible to have hope, that love is in each person’s heart and is just waiting [...]

Hola España!

By |8 August 2011|

World Youth Day 2011 kicks off in Madrid on 16th August. Elizabeth Pappalardo and Krystie Tham from Caritas Australia are just two of the hundreds of thousands of young people who will travel to the Spanish capital to celebrate their faith and join in the celebrations. From our experiences at World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney, we will never forget the pride we felt in being young Australian Catholics. Being witnesses of love and peace through smiles, laughter, singing and dancing as the diversity of cultures and nations came together, was a week we will never forget. World Youth Day is a significant event for young Catholics as the diversity of nations and countries joined under the Catholic Church unite to share their faith. The experience rejuvenates us to spread the gospel of Jesus in our home lands. We are looking forward to being a part of the love and joy shared [...]

We welcome you to Madrid for World Youth Day

By |8 August 2011|

By Ana Guirao, Caritas Spain Available also in Spanish Almost half a million young people from around the world will gather in Madrid with Pope Benedict to celebrate World Youth Day from 16-21 August. It is a real opportunity for young people to answer their call and to strengthen their commitment to their faith. The Pope will celebrate Mass and participate in the Via Crucis while there as well hear young people from different countries confess . The culmination of WYD will be a concluding Mass on Sunday 21 August which will be celebrated by the Pope and at which hundreds of thousands of people are expected. WYD wouldn’t be complete without a fundamental aspect of Christian life: charity. How can you love Christ and not love your neighbour? How can you take part in adoration of the Eucharist and non in the suffering of your brother or sister? This […]

June 20, 2011

Future of peacebuilding conference

By |20 June 2011|

Read about the conference on the blog and see photos on flickr  From southern Sudan and Central America to Congo and Colombia, the Catholic Church is a powerful force for peace and reconciliation This often untold and unheralded dimension of the Church’s mission has not been systematically examined by academics and is often ignored or misunderstood by policymakers. Caritas is co-sponsoring a Catholic Peacebuilding Networking conference from 9.00 – 13.00 on Thursday 30 June at the Christian Brothers’ Casa La Salle, Via Aurelia, 472, Rome. The event is open to the public.  Leading Catholic theologians, ethicists, academics and practitioners will examine the role of Catholic peacebuilders in preventing and resolving conflicts, and reconciling divided societies. Speakers include Cardinal Peter Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Michel Roy, Caritas Internationalis Secretary General and Maryann Cusimano Love, The Catholic University of America. They will ask what constitutes effective and authentically Catholic peacebuilding, how can [...]

May 27, 2011

Grande finale

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La journée tire à sa fin. La 19e assemblée générale de Caritas Internationalis aussi. Ce midi, rencontre avec le pape au Vatican, Puis, il y a eu l'adoption du message final. Enfin, nous y voilà, les inévitables discours officiels. Il y en a un qui est particulièrement attendu, un discours d'adieu celui-là. Celui de Lesley-Anne Knight, secrétaire générale sortante. Avec beaucoup de dignité, elle a rappelé le chemin parcouru depuis quatre ans. Une certitude: <nous avons pris le bon chemin et nous avons écouté la voix puissante et authentique des pauvres>. Et c'est cette voix qu'elle a tenu à faire entendre dans les grands forums internationaux auxquelle elle a participé. Celui qui la remplacera, Michel Roy, a tenu à la remercier. Plus tôt, lorsqu'interrogé sur les valeurs qu'il défendrait, le nouveau secrétaire général a déclaré qu'il allait aussi <défendre une vision du monde inspirée par la spiritualité des pauvres. Ce qui [...]

The big question: why are we here?

By |25 May 2011|

By Michelle Hough, communications officer It took Sr Senolita Vakata two days to come to Rome from Tonga in the Pacific Ocean for the Caritas Internationalis General Assembly. She’ll make her return journey after just seven days in the Italian capital. “I wake up at 3am every morning because of jet lag, but it’s worth it. I’m getting used to the long journey. I feel as though I’m part of the family,” says Sr Senolita. Today, delegates have been working on the strategic framework for Caritas organisations for the next four years. It’s not an operational work plan, but offers guidance to members. Everyone is given a chance at the General Assembly to offer input into this important document. I go and look at the flip charts where discussion groups have jotted down their ideas, thoughts and feelings: “The vitality of Caritas is incomparable” “The poor have much to give […]

Moteurs de changement

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Une assemblée mondiale, c'est évidemment un grand nombre de plénières et du travail en ateliers. Et au menu de ces agapes délibératives, il y a inévitablement des rapports à approuver, des états financiers à scruter à la loupe, des plans stratégiques à commenter et à bonifier. Sans com pter ces élections à la direction et ces longues périodes où chaque délégation doit déposer son vote – 128 pays étaient représentés hier lors du vote pour la présidence et la trésorerie – après quoi trois scrutateurs dépouillent, un à un, les bulletins. Heureusement, il y a aussi ces moments où ces gens du terrain rendent compte de ces projets et événements qui façonnent leur quotidien. Il faut entendre Odile Sadou du Niger raconter comment les femmes de son pays répondent à la crise alimentaire. «Nous avons des zones chroniquement déficitaires en nourriture», puisque les 300 ou 400 millimètres de pluie que nécessitent la [...]

Interview with Father Timothy Radcliffe, OP

By |24 May 2011|

Le rapport du président

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«Nous ne pouvons accepter qu’un seul de nos frères et de nos soeurs doive continuer de vivre dans l’extrême pauvreté – encore moins un milliard d’entre eux», a tonné le président de Caritas Internationalis, le cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga. Dans son rapport présenté lors de la 19e assemblée générale de cette confédération, il a rappelé qu'elle fête cette année son 60e anniversaire. «Pendant six décennies, Caritas Internationalis a vécu l’option préférentielle pour les pauvres, répondant à la souffrance humaine dans un monde injuste et inéquitable par l’amour et par des gestes concrets.» Il reconnaît que, durant cette période, de grands progrès ont été réalisés dans les domaines du développement international et de l’éradication de la pauvreté. Mais nombre d'améliorations ont été mises à mal, en 2008, lorsqu'a éclaté la crise financière et économique dont les répercussions «se feront sentir pendant des années encore». Pour le cardinal, un «monde qui repose sur [...]

There’s something about Caritas

By |23 May 2011|

By Michelle Hough, communications officer The enormous richness that is Caritas suddenly hit me when we were at Mass at the end of the first day of our General Assembly. People from the four corners of the earth gathered together under the roof of Palazzo Carpegna chapel in Rome. One thing united them all: Caritas and their dedication to working for the poor. Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State, celebrated the Mass. During his homily, he reminded us that Caritas isn’t just an aid agency and doesn’t just take care of the body, but also the spirit. He used the Gospel story of the healing of the paralytic at Capernaum to illustrate how we all have a transcendent dignity regardless of our physical and material state. As I’d greeted those arriving from Caritas organisations throughout the day, I’d been reminded of the special qualities of Caritas people from many […]

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