December 17, 2013

A view from Algeria on International Day of Migrants

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View from Algeria on International Day of Migrants, focusing on Caritas help with children and minors

June 18, 2012

Q&A with Sister Laurence Huard of Caritas Algeria

By |18 June 2012|

We've opted for indirect assistance aimed at promoting advocacy regarding free movement and respect of human rights along the migration routes.

World Refugee Day: Algeria at the crossroads

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Refugees and migrants come to Algeria on their journey from poorer African countries to cross the Mediterranean into Europe, but they also now come there as a final destination itself. Algerians too head north in search of opportunities unavailable at home.

July 20, 2011

Climate change in Algeria

By |20 July 2011|

By Caritas Algeria staff  Like many countries in Africa, Algeria has not been spared by the effects of extreme or unseasonal weather. Known for its arid and semi-arid climate, the region is highly vulnerable to changes in climate. Over the last 50 years, an increase in extreme weather events has been observed. Phenomena that bear witness to this change, which are recorded in climatological studies carried out by the National Meteorological Office, include an increasing frequency in torrential rainfall, especially in the high plateaus (e.g. Ghardaïa and Béchar in 2009–2010), that has caused flooding for the first time ever. By 2020, maximum daily rainfall may exceed the normal annual average in the south of the country. Other extreme phenomena have occurred: cyclogenesis, drought, heat waves and sandstorms. Scientists have estimated that rainfall will decrease by around 20 percent in the coming years. Experts from the ‘Hydro-meteorological Institute for Training and Research’ foresee a [...]

January 19, 2011

Soaring food costs hitting poor from Algeria to India

By |19 January 2011|

Millions of people around the world are struggling to cope with rising food prices say Caritas staff. “The price rises in India usually affect the poorest people, but they are now so steep that the middle class is hit hard as well,” said Sunil Simon, in charge of natural resource management at Caritas India. The FAO (the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation) food price index has surpassed the level it reached during the major food riots of 2008. After a year of steady increases, the index reached 214,7 points in December, compared to 206 points in November. What worries Caritas experts is that the index exceeded the level it had attained in 2008, a year of severe food crises and food riots in many developing countries. As one out of six people in the world already suffer from hunger, rising food prices make it even more difficult for poor people to buy [...]