March 14, 2011

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    Ideas for Lent by Catholic Coalition on Climate Change in USA

Ideas for Lent by Catholic Coalition on Climate Change in USA

By |14 March 2011|

February 18, 2011

Pakistan floods: shelter saved us

By |18 February 2011|

January 27, 2011

Pakistan 6 months after floods: Ariz’s story

By |27 January 2011|

Pakistan 6 months after floods: Soomri’s story

By |27 January 2011|

Pakistan 6 months after floods: Dulshan’s story

By |27 January 2011|

Catholic Climate Ambassadors in USA

By |24 January 2011|

By Kathy Brown, Regional Coordinator, Caritas North America  In December, the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change trained their first “Catholic Climate Ambassadors”. They are leaders from around the country who will reach out, educate and empower people in their local dioceses, parishes, schools, and religious communities to be engaged in this critical issue. They will provide a uniquely Catholic perspective and pay particular attention to the impacts of climate change on people in poverty in the U.S. and around the world. The Catholic Coalition on Climate Change was launched in 2006 to help the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic community address issues related to climate change. The Coalition is comprised of over ten national Catholic organisations in the United States, including the bishops’ conference, Caritas members Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities USA, and men and women religious leadership conferences. In order to expand the reach of the [...]

Sudan votes: tears make way for hopes

By |21 January 2011|

Last day of vote in Sudan

By |17 January 2011|

Haiti mourns its loss one year after quake

By |12 January 2011|

Sudan votes: the Movie

By |11 January 2011|

By Sara Fajardo in Juba for Catholic Relief Services (CRS is a member of Caritas from the USA)

Sudan votes: scene from Port Juba

By |10 January 2011|

Sudan votes: Polling Day

By |9 January 2011|

[slideshow]By Sara A. Fajardo, CRS Communications Officer in Juba People began arriving long before dawn. Some were rumored to have spent the night. By the time we arrived several hundred men and women snaked the grounds of St. Kizito parish in Juba, Sudan. The men stood in one line. The women stood in another. Many carried radios and listened for news of the turnout to Sudan’s historic vote in their home counties. Women whispered, radios hummed, and a few tired children whimpered as they nestled into their mother’s welcoming backs. All waited patiently. Their time had come. It was time for them to cast their ballot. This was there once-in-a-lifetime chance to vote to decide whether or not southern Sudan will secede from the north or remain united with northern Sudan. “I thought I’d be the first,” the men chimed happily, “I was here at 5 this [...]

October 13, 2010

Who’s under your Carbon footprint?

By |13 October 2010|

By Kathy Brown, Catholic Charities USA  The news from the United States on passing legislation on climate change that would protect the poor throughout the world is not good. Throughout the past year, key Senators have been asked to include and strengthen provisions in climate legislation that would protect poor and vulnerable people, in our country and around the world, from the impacts of climate change and the effects of policies needed to address it. Unfortunately, the Senate will not consider climate legislation this year. Last year, the House of Representatives passed a bill that respected the concerns of the Catholic Church and other faith-based groups. It included moderate funding for domestic and international programs for adaption and mitigation. The Senate came up with their own bill which did not meet the approval of the bishops’ conference. Given that this is an election year, the chances of their being any more work on even [...]

September 28, 2010

Harnessing political will to reduce poverty in America

By |28 September 2010|

Representatives from Catholic Charities (CCUSA - a Caritas member in the US) from across the US will visit Washington today to call on Congress to address the urgent needs of over 43 million people struggling with poverty in America. Rev. Larry Snyder, CCUSA President, will make an address from the Capitol and call for politicians to tackle poverty. CCUSA representatives will then have a chance to speak one on one with politicians about the reality of poverty across America. Fr Snyder said, “The national poverty numbers we see in are staggering, but unfortunately come as little surprise to those who have been working closely with the growing population for whom poverty has become a daily reality.” The visit to the Capitol is part of CCUSA’s centenary celebrations this week. The festivities kicked off with a Mass celebrated by Cardinal Francis George, President of the US Bishops’ Conference, on Saturday. “Catholic Charities is an [...]

June 23, 2010

Green housing in the USA

By |23 June 2010|

The Foundation for Senior Living (FSL) has served the needs of vulnerable seniors and adults with disabilities in Phoenix, Arizona for over 30 years. A member of Catholic Charities USA (part of Caritas Internationalis), FSL builds homes that prioritise safety, comfort, low cost maintainability and gentle impact on the environment. It aims to reduce landfill waste by 60 percent through the use of clean building materials. It uses local materials and achieves high energy ratings. Conservation savings help FSL pay for energy and water for their tenants. Income from the housing projects helps subsidise other social programmes that are under-supported by traditional funding sources. “Not only is building green good environmental policy, but it tangibly improves the quality of life for our low-income residents,” said Steve Hastings, FSL’s Director of Real Estate.