April 30, 2017

UN conference must put people first

By |30 April 2017|

Caritas says a major UN forum in Cancun, Mexico on how to better protect people from future disasters must put local communities first.
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    Cardinal Tagle suggests “meet a migrant” and spread the Easter spirit

Cardinal Tagle suggests “meet a migrant” and spread the Easter spirit

By |7 April 2017|

Migration is a chance for people to bloom as human beings. It is a chance for them to create a better life for themselves and future generations.

October 3, 2013

Syrian refugee children take a holiday

By |3 October 2013|

And there are school places for only a quarter of the Syrian children now in the country. Many are expected to work to support their families, either picking fruit or selling on the side of the street. And added onto this is the trauma of being away from home and from loved ones. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a holiday from all that, however short? Caritas Lebanon arranged just that for 200 children. It organised two summer camps in July and August in Monastery of The Lady of Joy in Kfardebian- Kesrwan for 150 Syrian children, and integrated another 50 Syrian children into camps for Lebanese children. The children range from 6 to 12 years old. This time the children came from Christian communities. It was the first time such a camps had been set up for Syrian refugees, and Caritas Lebanon want to make sure everything ran smoothly. Children have a full [...]

May 25, 2012

  • Fr. Tentorio is one of many environmental campaigners killed in recent years in the Philippines. There have been 36 recorded killings of activists since 2007 in the Philippines, including seven in 2011.  Credits: PIME
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    Death of an activist: killings of environmentalists mount in Philippines

Death of an activist: killings of environmentalists mount in Philippines

By |25 May 2012|

Fr. Fausto Tentorio was shot eight times as he was getting into his pickup truck parked by the Church of Mother of Perpetual Help in Arakan, North Cotabato last October. The 59-year old Italian missionary had come to the Philippines in 1978. Affectionately called ‘Tatay Pops’, he was well known for his love of planting trees and protecting the indigenous people of Mindanao. He was described by colleagues as “a gentle man, evangelically simple and prudent” but “fiercely courageous” in his advocacy for the marginalised people, especially the indigenous. An outspoken voice against the damage mining companies were doing to their ancestral lands, he had been threatened before. On one of his visits to an indigenous village in 2003, he said armed men “threatening to cut off his head” came to kill him. The villagers helped him escape that time. Fr. Tentorio is one of many environmental campaigners killed in recent years [...]

February 14, 2012

Peace-ing northern Kenya back together

By |14 February 2012|

“Three years ago, this was a battlefield.” Godfrey Godana, who works on peace programmes for Caritas, is speaking about a newly-dug shallow well in northern Kenya. The people in this region—from tribes like the Borana, Rendille, and Gabra—were desperate for water during a long drought that turned their land brown in mid-2011. They were so desperate that they were willing to work with their age-old enemies. “We told warring communities, you can dig a common water source and share the water,” says Gabriel Gambare, another Caritas staffer. “We talked to Borana, Rendille, and Turkana tribes, telling them they would dig the dam and get cash for their work.” It was a gamble. But with livestock dying and crops shrivelled, villagers knew they couldn’t let their differences keep them from getting water. “In the past, there were no opportunities for them to interact,” says Gambare. The ethnic groups would steal each other’s cattle or [...]

July 7, 2011

Caritas anniversaries

By |7 July 2011|

The strength and history of the Caritas confederation shone strongly in 2010 with several members celebrating significant anniversaries.

February 28, 2011

Peacebuilding web toolkit sites in French and Spanish

By |28 February 2011|

Caritas is updating its Peacebuilding: Web Toolkit for Trainers with French and Spanish versions after the success of its English language site. The site aims to provide an easy to use online library of tools trainers can use to design workshops and promote peace. Read press release Read about how the work of Caritas is resolving conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and why Caritas Uruguay believes the web toolkit will be a vital resource for their work.

August 30, 2009

Planning for monsoons in Sri Lanka

By |30 August 2009|

The monsoon season will be arriving in Sri Lanka shortly. No one knows how powerful the winds and rains will be, but one thing is certain - it’s best to not be living in a tent when they arrive. Tens of thousands of people are still living in temporary shelters following the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war in May last year and over 350,000 people are without homes in general. “About 60-70,000 people are still in camps,” says Fr George Sigamoney, director of Caritas Sri Lanka, on a visit to Caritas Internationalis in Rome. “They haven’t gone back home because their lands haven’t been cleared of landmines.” “People who are getting back to their lands sometimes still don’t have proper shelter, just a covering and poles – and it’s not easy to put up a house with that,” he says. People who are being resettled are mainly in the north, where the [...]