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About Caritas work on migration

The mission of Caritas is to fight poverty and inequality. Its work on integral human development through the thematic areas of emergencies, climate change, health and peacebuilding means that it is tuned into some of the root causes of migration. Caritas understands the lack of opportunities and choices that lead people to migrate.

Everyone should have the right to migrate or to stay where they are. Migrants, who are often poor and marginalised, should be in a condition to make choices and shape their lives in a way that they will prosper.

Caritas member organisations are located in many of the major departure, transit and arrival countries for migrants. As an international confederation, Caritas can offer guidance and assistance at all stages of the journey.

Caritas’s work with migrants is wide and deep. It attempts to address the many complex issues that women face at every stage of the migration journey.