20/6/14 - Trafficking in Persons Report 2014 issued by US Government Read more

11/6/14 - ILO adopts new Protocol to tackle modern forms of forced labour. Read more

14/5/14 - Traite des êtres humains : un plan du gouvernement salutaire. Read more (only in French)...


Commitment on combating human trafficking
Advocacy paper
Narrative Report 2013 Statement to FLC - ILO 2014
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From our affiliates
Caritas India - International domestic workers day
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Sri Lanka: Child Policy

COATNET is a Christian network that combats human trafficking

Anti-Trafficking Day

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Each year, thousands of people are deceived and sold into slavery as forced labourers, prostitutes or beggars. COATNET—Christian Organisations Against Trafficking in Human Beings—is a network that links together many Christian groups which are fighting human trafficking. COATNET members work together across borders to:

  • Raise public awareness about trafficking in human beings;
  • Fight the root causes of vulnerability, such as poverty and lack of job alternatives;
  • Advocate for migration and economic policies that reduce the vulnerability of people to trafficking;
  • Advocate for better anti-trafficking laws that more effectively protect victims and punish traffickers;
  • Cooperate with authorities, churches, and relevant civil society actors to challenge the phenomenon of human trafficking;
  • Help trafficking survivors start a new life.
Sex trafficking Trafficking for begging
Trafficking for domestic servitude Trafficking for forced labour