Baobab is open for all staff of member organisations and not limited to a special group. Also volunteers could receive an access with the approval of their Caritas managers.

Different levels of access are also possible for external users, e.g.: for staff of partner organisations, experts, donors, etc.

A baobab-tree is a place in the shade where people meet and talk to each other - a social tree for social people. And therefore you all should share your knowledge, your experiences and work with others.

As we only give access to verified staff of member organisations, please register yourself here.

We will need your last name, first name, email address, name of your member organisation and a contact person at your organisation, who can verify your employment. You also have to choose on which language you will want to use the system (it’s available in English, French and Spanish).

With the online registration you will receive access to the open parts of Baobab, NOT to the closed working groups (e.g. emergencies or communication). To get access to this groups, please send your email to

To search for other working groups, please use inside Baobab the "Search" module on the left-hand side of the navigation and select "Working groups": Enter a keyword or the name of the working group you are looking for in the search window. Partial entries are also possible.

Once you have been verified, you will receive an email with your access data (login name and password), which you can then enter on

A detailed manual is available here.
Watch video manuals here

For further information, please contact us at