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Introduction to Baobab

Ever felt lost in the sea of information within the Caritas confederation. Welcome to Caritas Baobab, the internal communication platform for all Caritas staff worldwide.

There are over 160 Caritas organisations around the world with over one million paid staff and volunteers. Caritas staff members have a wealth of skills and experience.

With this much work being carried out, Caritas members need to be able to collaborate so that their staff and volunteers share knowledge and their work with each other.

Working as a team around the world we also need to relay information quickly, especially in times of emergency.

Caritas Internationalis aims to provide its members with a knowledge-sharing platform that can address all of these needs.

Caritas Baobab is a web-based, knowledge-sharing platform that brings information to its users' fingertips. It's available in English, French and Spanish. Caritas Baobab doesn't require any software installation or special IT knowledge.

Key articles, documents will be available, as well as projects, events, press releases and contact information.

As well as enabling members to receive and search information, the system also allows them to participate in working groups and discussion forums in its password-protected areas.

Come and sit with us under the Caritas Baobab tree! Share your knowledge and learn from others. Let's work in partnership.

This manual helps familiarise you with Caritas Baobab and resolve any user glitches.