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People and addresses

Here you can search a database for member organisations, regional coordinators and presidents of regions, as well as users in "my working group" or for colleagues of "my organisation" who have access to the system.

Addresses break down into three folders: Caritas Internationalis, member organisations and partner organisations.

By clicking on the plus sign in front of "partner organisations", you could open the sub-folders. The members are sorted by region. By clicking on the region, the three folders for president of that region, regional coordinator and the member organisations are shown.

If you open a data record by clicking on the title, general information (contact information), additional information (link to details, logo, founding year) and employees (all those with access to Baobab) are displayed.


a) in "my working group"

Click first on "in my working groups" and then select the working group. The System will show you all users in the working group. If you want to create an Excel list with all the names, click on "export of users list" in the action tab. The Excel list will be sent to you. You can find it in the list in "My messages".

b) in my institution

Click first on "in my institution" and then on your institution (your member organisation). It shows you all your colleagues, who also have access to Baobab.