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The portal (starting page)

After the login process your personal portal will be displayed. You will see the heading area, the left hand navigation bar and a choice of function boxes.

On the left is articles from the Caritas Internationalis General Secretariat. In the middle- and right-hand columns you will see a choice of function boxes that give information about new messages, new articles and new appointments in your working groups. For details see "My Baobab".

The heading area

The heading area is always visible. It includes the following functions:

On the far left you will find a house symbol with the current date. This symbol is a link and will take you back to your portal page.

By using the person symbol – identified with your name – you can edit your details, for example changing your password or email address.

With one click on the Favourites button you can jump to your favourite articles, working groups, appointments, etc. For details see "My Baobab".

The search window in the heading area enables a quick search of all the information in Baobab. Enter your search term and click on the "Search" button .

By clicking on the logout button you can log out of Baobab.

The left hand navigation menu

The left hand navigation menu gives you access to different areas.

The first button is My Baobab. Only you have access to this area. Here you can open your messages, edit your favourites, view your contact list and edit your profile.

Within the Working groups button you can access your working groups as well as fully open working groups. Within the working groups you will find folders with articles, forums and calendars.

Within the People and Addresses button you can search through all member and partner organisations.

Within Search you can search articles and appointments, and also search for working groups as well as people and addresses.