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What is Baobab?

Baobab is a private area on the internet that helps the employees of Caritas Internationalis member organisations in two ways:

1. Enhancing performance through research

Baobab makes the whole organisation's knowledge quickly and easily available throughout the organisation. Baobab content helps users keep up to date in their specialised areas, as well as assisting those seeking information.

Professionals and experts from the entire Caritas network have contributed their experience to Baobab. All Caritas employees can benefit from this vast store of knowledge.

2. Supporting internal communication

Baobab has closed data areas and working groups, where working group members can communicate with without risk. Each user who publishes within Baobab can decide whether or not the content of these closed data areas is made available to the entire community.

Where do you find your information?

You will find all information organised in "working groups" on the left panel (see chapter "Working group").Working groups are created on request to Caritas Internationalis.

Every staff member of a Caritas organisation member has access to the public part ("Caritas Baobab") after they register. Select this folder on the left of the list. You will find now several working groups (e.g. Emergencies, General Assembly) . We will add more topics as more people join. Here you can find information (messages, documents and appointments) added by the General Secretariat (see chapters "Articles" and "Calendar").

If you are part of a closed working group, you will find at "working groups" another folder (e.g. "Caritas Internationalis") with the sub working group you have access to. Closed working groups will be created, when members of a committee or project-group or a member organisation wish to exchange information within the confederation or on a national/regional level. To search for a closed working group in your field of work, use the search (see chapter "Search"). If there is one, you will receive the name of the administrator of that working group and could ask him to become a member of that group.

For further information on using or creating a closed working group contact us at