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User profiles

Three standard profiles are available within a working group:
  • Administrator: administrate, read and write
  • Editor: read and write
  • Standard user: read
Editing user profiles for the entire working group

In the work area go to "Profiles" where you can modify existing profiles and add new profiles. A new view will open. In the left section of the work area you will see all the profiles that exist for this working group. In the right section you will see additional information regarding each profile, as well as about which users are assigned to this profile.

If you want to limit or upgrade an existing profile for all users in your working group who have this profile (e.g. limit the editor profile and delete the write privilege), use the following steps:

Step 1: Go to "Profiles" in the work area. In the section of the overview page click on the profile you want to change, e.g. the editor profile.

Step 2: The authorization for this profile will be shown In the right-hand section.

Step 3: Click on the "Edit" button.

Step 4: You now see a new view. The various authorization levels are displayed. To eliminate the "write" authorization, remove the tick from the box next to it. Now save the profile.

N.B.: Saving this profile prevents all users within this working group who have an "editor" profile from writing anything within any folder (articles, forums, appointments).

If you only want to change the profile of a single user, please see "Users/Changing user profiles"

Creating a new user profile

It's not usually necessary to create a new profile because the three standard profiles allow for all possibilities. However, if you wish to add external users (e.g. experts, consultants or partners who are not Caritas employees) to your working group, it's probably easier to differentiate between internal and external users if you want to change the profile, and thus you could create a new profile.

Step 1: If you want to create a new user profile, go to "Profiles" in the work area and click on the "New profile" button in the left-hand section.

Step 2: A new view opens. Enter the name of the new profile (e.g. external user) in the appropriate field and select the authorization level by choosing what the user has access to. Save the profile by clicking on the "Save" button in the action tab.

Step 3: After an overview page has been saved, a list of all the profiles for this working group is displayed. The newly created profile is also visible.