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Working groups

The extranet contains various parts, either open for all Baobab users or only accessible for a selected working group.

Working groups in Caritas Baobab are created by the General Secretariat to share information within the confederation and to give colleagues around the world the opportunity to come together and share knowledge and experience. Working groups will also be created when members of a work-group or project-group or member organisations wish to exchange information within the confederation or on a national/regional level.

There is no limit on the number of working groups.

By creating a working group, the members of the working group can network in a protected environment. They can publish articles and attached documents, they can comment on these articles, appointments can be published and the members can discuss issues in the forum and chat room. All content is only visible to the members of that single working group. Each working group must have at least one administrator to coordinates content within the working group. He or she is responsible for adding or deleting users for this working group, creating user profiles, classifying articles within folders, creating bulletin boards and posting articles and appointments. All users have access to public working groups that have been created in the system (except for any users marked as "externals", see "Users/Creating a new user in Baobab").

Within each working group, different folders correspond to different functions:

  • In the article folder you can add new articles
  • In the calendar folder you can publish new appointments
  • In the forum folder you can discuss issues with other members of the working group
  • (if required) in the chat folder you can discuss live with members of your working group
The starting page of each working group shows the user:
  • The several above-named folders
  • Information about other users in the working group
  • The administrators of that working group, who is/are responsible for that group and who is/are your contact
Creating a working group

Establishment of a single working group is carried out by the Caritas Internationalis General Secretariat. If you want to administrate your own working group please contact us at:

Editing a working group

In order to use these functions you need to have administration authorization for the working group.

Select the working group and click on "Manage working group" within the action tab.

In this view you can see all the options available for use with regards to this working group.

Go to "Edit working group" within the work area.

Here you can add translations of the working group name by clicking on the language tab.

If you want people to be able to find additional information on your working group (target group, kind of information, etc.) you can add a descriptive text, which will be shown on the hit list in the search function (left hand navigation tab "Search", for working groups).

When you have completed all the details, save the changes by clicking on the "Save" button within the action tab.

If you want to give a short note to the users in your working group, add this to "short note", which is shown on the starting page of your working group.