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The Caritas confederation believes in actively campaigning for change and understands that persistence pays off.

Caritas is patient because it knows that when it speaks, its voice is heard. Caritas’ voice is a powerful one – the sum of one million supporters – which calls for a moral way of living.

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Millennium Development Goals
The world may fall short of the target set by the Millennium Development Goals – cutting poverty by half by 2015. But, through their work, Caritas members worldwide continue to strive to improve peoples’ lives and remain true to the spirit of the MDGs. Caritas campaigns for the promise to the poor to be kept with a renewed commitment from governments to the aims of the MDGs after 2015.


Caritas organizations are active members of a campaign called COATNET – Christian Organisations Against Trafficking in Human Beings. COATNET works across borders to stop the trade in vulnerable people. It helps victims get access to help, supports advocacy and breaks down the myths around trafficking – such as victims being to blame for their own exploitation.

HAART for Children
Caritas’ HAART for Children campaign urges governments and pharmaceutical firms to develop and provide child-friendly medicines for HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis. The HAART campaign – which stands for Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy – also lobbies for simple, efficient and inexpensive diagnostic methods to be developed which are suitable for poorer countries to use in their fight against these infections.


Female Face of Migration
Every year, more and more women are forced to leave their homes and families behind to escape poverty and oppression. Caritas recognises their heroism and the great rewards their journeys can bring. It campaigns for action to protect them from the considerable risks of violence along the way and at their destination and for more understanding for women who may have suffered in their search for a better life.

Food campaign
Every night, 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry and every 12 seconds a child dies of hunger. Caritas believes this is morally wrong when our world produces enough food to feed everyone. It is an offence to human dignity. Caritas campaigns actively for an end to hunger and for a more just and equal distribution of food. The right to food must be accepted as a basic human right.JOIN NOW


12 x 12
Caritas is part of the 12 x 12 coalition, which is pressing for equal rights for millions of domestic workers. It wants 12 countries (as a start!) to ratify the International Labour Organization’s Convention 189, which says domestic workers must be able to join a trade union, have minimum wages and access to social security. After successfully campaigning for Convention 189, Caritas now wants it enshrined in law.