Caritas on Disaster Preparedness

Caritas knows that preparedness is a wise investment

Caritas knows that preparedness is a wise investment, greatly reducing the impact of natural disasters.

It means using our resources efficiently and harnessing the knowledge of our staff to stop a crisis becoming an emergency.

We have plans and supplies already in place so that we are ready to help in the crucial first hours after a disaster.
 We also work with local partners and communities to think ahead – building hurricane and earthquake resistant homes and schools, flood defences and community granaries.

As our changing climate means that some of the world’s poorest areas are being hit more frequently and more violently by extreme weather, disaster preparedness is becoming even more important.
With better disaster preparedness, we can save lives and livelihoods and make people better able to cope with crises.

Caritas Updates on Disaster Preparedness

How Caritas works in Conflicts and Disasters

Caritas responds to emergencies across the globe, leads peacebuilding efforts in violence-ridden areas and helps local organisations prepare for potential disasters of all kinds. Learn more.