Caritas saving lives in the Central African Republic

Caritas is working to protect lives, build peace and help the Central African Republic recover from months of turmoil.

The country remains in the grip of unrest.

Over hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes. They have either left the country or are sheltered in camps and places of worship, including Catholic missions.

Half the population is in need of aid. Government has collapsed. Schools and hospitals have closed. Homes have been burned down.

The Catholic Church is one of the last functioning institutions the people have left. Caritas is providing seeds and tools, rebuilding homes, helping children get back into school and repairing medical clinics.

Caritas is working hard for reconciliation and peace between Christians and Muslims communities, including setting up local peace groups and supporting international diplomatic efforts. Both Christian and Muslim families are being sheltered by Church and Caritas staff.

Caritas is operational in CAR through the national Caritas and its dioceses and through members Catholic Relief Services and Cordaid.

Caritas Updates from Central African Republic

  • Oasis of tolerance in Central African Republic

Oasis of tolerance in Central African Republic

  • 25 March 2014

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Conflict has gripped the Central African Republic for over a year. In recent months Muslims have been particulalrly targeted. The Caritas supported Inter-faith platform travels to Bangassou, where Christian and Muslim are still co-existing.


Central African Republic Photo Gallery

Hymn for Peace

Sung by pupils of St Theresa School in Bangui at a special Mass for reconciliation.
By Clotaire Mbao Ben Seba, Bangui
If you think a smile is stronger than a weapon
If you believe in the power of an offered hand,
If you can look at the other with a touch of love,
If you prefer to know the hope to suspicion,
If for you the other is primarily a brother,
If you believe that peace is possible,
Then peace will come.


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