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Caritas helps displaced people in Democratic Republic of Congo

“I have never known peace in my lifetime.” It is an all too common complaint from people displaced by conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Two million of them are trying to survive after being forced from their homes.

Caritas’ presence in DRC for half a century makes all the difference. It has a strong local network in the diocese, which allows it to deliver assistance in a country known for its difficult operating environment.

In the troubled north east of the country, Caritas staff live with many of the same problems as the people they minister to – the threat of rape and sexual assault, the fear of children being abducted as soldiers, the worry about finding food and clean water.

Caritas Goma runs centres where victims can come for medical care and counseling and Caritas Congo works with former fighters and child soldiers to prevent them taking up arms again.

But aid appeals for DRC often fall on deaf ears. Donors are becoming as tired of the cycle of conflict as its innocent victims are. Caritas works to keep donors engaged and to promote an end to the violence.

Caritas Updates from Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Rights of the Child protected by Caritas in Swaziland

Rights of the Child protected by Caritas in Swaziland

  • 16 November 2015
The right to “life, survival and development”, to “education and health care”, to “participation” are all protected under the Convention on the Rights of the Child which is commemorating its 26th anniversary.
  • Congo bishop urges peace:  “In the name of God, let us live!”

Congo bishop urges peace: “In the name of God, let us live!”

  • 28 August 2013
Bishop Theophile Kaboy of Goma has condemned the violence sweeping the troubled east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In a pastoral letter, Bishop Kaboy says called for an end to “the vicious circle of violence” and pleaded “in the name of God , let us live!”

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