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Caritas is staying on to help the people of Haiti rebuild

Time has passed since Haiti’s devastating earthquake of January 12th 2010. But Haitians – already the poorest people in the northern hemisphere – will never forget how their lives and livelihoods were crushed by the rubble. They are still battling to recover. Caritas is standing with them. It had worked in Haiti for decades before the earthquake and will remain.

Caritas Haiti works in partnership with other Caritas members such as Caritas Spain, Caritas Czech, Caritas Switzerland, Cordaid (Caritas Netherlands) and Trócaire from Ireland. Catholic Relief Services from the USA is rebuilding Haiti’s best hospital while developing a model medical training system. The Caritas regional organization for Latin America and the Caribbean is successfully supporting Caritas Haiti in strengthening its capacity.

Working in the hardest hit communities, Caritas builds safer schools alongside homes and clinics which are resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes. It uses local materials and fully consults communities so their voices are properly heard. Caritas works in the most difficult areas of Haiti, educating people on how to avoid the plague of cholera and how to rehabilitate their land to lessen the impact of frequent hurricanes.


  • Haiti faces the future

Haiti faces the future

  • 19 December 2012
Bishop Pierre Dumas, president of Caritas Haiti, says education, care for the environment and the protection of people’s socio-economic rights are essential to helping Haiti move forward and flourish following its devastating earthquake.
  • Lovely to have a new home

Lovely to have a new home

  • 19 December 2012
During Haiti’s earthquake more than a million people lost their homes and the demand for emergency shelter was enormous. Cordaid (a Dutch member of the Caritas confederation) made it one of their long-term priorities to provide people with earthquake- and hurricane-proof housing.
  • Prayer for Haiti three year after

Prayer for Haiti three year after

  • 14 December 2012
On a recent visit to Caritas Internationalis in Rome, Bishop Pierre Dumas, president of Caritas Haiti, offered this prayer for his fellow Haitians who are still suffering following the 2010 earthquake.


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