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How Caritas works in Development

How Caritas works in Development
For Caritas, development means taking into account the whole well-being of every person – the economic, social, political, cultural, ecological and spiritual dimensions of their lives. We call this integral human development and we aim to transform people’s lives.

Caritas organisations provide education, training, healthcare and sanitation so that people have the skills and health necessary to flourish. They finance small businesses and agricultural projects. Caritas’ development programmes are carefully thought out so that the resources we have been given to look after for future generations are not put at risk. Achievements are protected through peacebuilding, the creation of just systems and by making people more resilient to hardship.

“The development we speak of cannot be restricted to economic growth alone. To be authentic it must be well rounded; it must foster the development of each man and of the whole man….What counts for us is man – each individual man, each human group and humanity as a whole” -Populorum Progressio

Caritas understands that development is a hard task. Climate change, the neglect and exploitation of our natural world and unequal economic systems are additional burdens. But Caritas believes that the world’s poorest people cannot be left wounded every day by the relentless struggle to just survive. They cannot be left battered by the ill health which poverty brings and by the draining away of hope when there is no education, employment or other opportunity to be had.

This is why Caritas invests in development and campaigns for a fairer world.

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