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Caritas and Human Trafficking

Caritas and Human Trafficking

Caritas is committed to the fight against the sale of children, women and men into slavery as beggars, prostitutes and forced labourers. It is part of the COATNET network which fights against human trafficking.

Members of COATNET—Christian Organisations Against Trafficking in Human Beings—work together across borders to raise awareness about trafficking and to assist victims. COATNET fights the root causes, such as poverty and the lack of opportunity, while advocating for laws to protect victims, punish perpetrators and secure decent working conditions.

COATNET helps trafficking survivors start new lives.Click here for the COATNET website

Find out how you, your organisation and your community can work fight modern day slavery by reading COATNET’s Christian Commitment to Stop Trafficking.


  • Eradicating human trafficking commitment

Eradicating human trafficking commitment

  • 9 September 2016
Faith-based organisations from over 40 countries agreed at a meeting in Abuja, Nigeria to combine forces and work more closely together on stopping human trafficking.
  • Saying no to human trafficking

Saying no to human trafficking

  • 7 September 2016
130 human trafficking experts from Caritas and other faith organisations meet in Nigeria to discuss ways to end the crime.