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Caritas India

Caritas India was founded in 1962 and has been working ever since for the emancipation of the underprivileged and the marginalized irrespective of their caste, creed, ethnicity and religion. In the last fifty years, Caritas India has reached out to millions of poor and helped them overcome poverty and deprivation.

Its major programmes are in the management of natural resources, emergency response, community health, equality, peace building and promoting the rights of indigenous communities. Caritas India works to strengthen civil society organisations in partnership with the government and over 350 NGOs across the country. The network is coordinated by 5 regional offices and can call on 250,000 vibrant volunteers.

Caritas India has worked with many international Caritas partner organisations such as Caritas Germany, Caritas Netherlands (Cordaid), Caritas France, Caritas Japan, Caritas Denmark, Caritas Ireland-Trocaire, Caritas Belgium, Caritas Spain, Caritas Italy, Caritas Austria, Caritas Australia, Caritas Korea, Caritas England and Wales-CAFOD, Catholic Relief Services USA, Caritas Portugal, Caritas Scotland and Caritas Switzerland.

Caritas Updates from India

  • Caritas responding to floods in India

Caritas responding to floods in India

  • 12 August 2016
Caritas is launching an emergency appeal to help people who’ve been hit by floods in Assam and Bihar in India. Millions of people have been displaced and over 150 have lost their lives as a result of the floods.


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