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Caritas Thailand

Formerly known as the Catholic Commission for Human Development, Caritas Thailand was founded in 1972 to carry out the Church’s holistic human development work.

At home or abroad, Caritas Thailand is able to deploy immediate and effective humanitarian relief to people in need. It has recently worked in close partnership with the global Caritas network to provide humanitarian aid to thousands of Syrian refugees, providing food and medical care.

Caritas Thailand’s programmers include providing care and support to the elderly and the disabled, developing sustainable agriculture projects and exploring methods to prevent child trafficking and exploitation.

In addition, Caritas Thailand in conjunction with Caritas Spain has established 2 learning centres and an orphanage in Mae Sot, Tak Province to support vulnerable Burmese migrants in Thailand.

The Caritas Thailand Secretariat in Bangkok serves as the hub for the 10 Caritas Diocesan organisations spread throughout the country. Nationally, the agency employs approximately 500 staff and 500 volunteers.
As a member of Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Asia, Caritas Thailand often collaborates and receives support from the global Caritas network – such as Caritas Spain.

Caritas Updates from Thailand

  • Field update: Floods strike Bangkok

Field update: Floods strike Bangkok

  • 28 October 2011
For weeks, Caritas has been helping families impacted by floods in Thailand. Now the floodwaters have arrived in the country’s capital. Father Bonnie Mendes, Regional Coordinator for Caritas Asia, is in Bangkok and reports on the situation.


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