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Caritas Argentina

Fraterna Ayuda Cristiana was founded in the archdiocese of Buenos Aires in 1956 and gradually such associations began to spring up in other dioceses under the same name that would later change to Caritas, in agreement with Caritas Internationalis. Caritas Argentina had special features: its grassroots in the parishes, its large number of volunteers and its efforts to raise funds from the community. In 1986 the Bishops’ Conference approved the Statutes of Caritas Argentina as an organisation of the Church that would coordinate its official charitable activities.

In the mid-1970s, the majority of Latin American Caritas dedicated most of their efforts to immediate assistance, especially food, medicines and clothing. This trend started to change in Argentina in the early 1980s, when the need arose to for a greater focus on integral human development and for people to participate and play important roles in the various projects.

Today the organisation consists of 66 diocesan Caritas, supplemented by commissions or working teams. The Caritas centres in the 3,500 existing parishes are assisted by approximately 32,000 volunteers, who carry out programmes regarding education, health, nutrition, and support in the event of natural disaster throughout the country.

Each year, the National Commission of Caritas Argentina carries out the following campaigns and fund-raising activities:

  • the Annual Caritas Collection, during the second weekend of June, with a significant media presence in the streets and in public spaces;
  • The “With 5 you give me a helping hand” campaign on 26 August, National Solidarity Day, focused on actions disseminated via the internet;
  • the Christmas campaign, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, concentrating on Advent, Christmas Day and the New Year.

Caritas Argentina is currently working actively with radio, written and television media, the University of Salvador and the National Institutes of Technology and Agriculture and Livestock, the Rotary Club of Montserrat, government ministries, the Office of the President of Argentina and UNICEF.

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