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Caritas Algeria

Caritas was established in Algeria on 28 June 1962, a few days after the declaration of independence.

Today, Caritas Algeria is the humanitarian service agency of the ADA, the association of the Catholic Church in Algeria. As the executive body, it welcomes collaboration and help from all people, regardless of their origin, identity or religion, as long as they share its objectives and values.

Caritas Algeria’s priority goal is building solidarity, based on the situations of those most in need. It promotes the values of justice and peace, mutual respect and solidarity and paying attention to the well-being of others and the environment.

Caritas Algeria has been carrying out initiatives on behalf of the physically and mentally disabled, as well as women and poor children, for a long time. In collaboration with the Caritas confederation and other international organisations, Caritas Algeria has implemented relief programmes aimed at people affected by natural disasters, floods and earthquakes.

Our support to young people’s associations in working-class neighbourhoods, and young women in villages to promote local handicrafts, as well as supplementary training programmes for kindergarten teachers, are widely known and appreciated.

In collaboration with UNHCR and other organisations, Caritas Algeria is also concerned with the situation of migrants who cross the country from sub-Saharan Africa.

Our international partners include: Secours Catholique (Caritas France), Caritas Italy, Misereor, Development and Peace (Caritas Canada) and Doctors of the World.

Caritas Updates from Algeria

  • World Refugee Day: Algeria at the crossroads

World Refugee Day: Algeria at the crossroads

  • 18 June 2012
Refugees and migrants come to Algeria on their journey from poorer African countries to cross the Mediterranean into Europe, but they also now come there as a final destination itself. Algerians too head north in search of opportunities unavailable at home.


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