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Caritas Libya

Caritas Libya regularly participates in workshops and training sessions organised by Caritas Internationalis Middle East and North Africa delegations.

Caritas Libya particularly helps immigrants in Libya by providing them with these services:

  • help with transition, settling in and education;
  • basic medical care, health and sanitation education, and mental health medical services;
  • assistance to families and vocational training for women;
  • educational grants for children and young people;
  • maternity assistance.

Things are currently difficult in Libya, due to the collapse of state structures resulting in a fluid and unstable situation.

Caritas and Libyan society are faced with many security, political and economic challenges, which must be tackled if the situation is to improve.

Caritas Updates from Libya

  • Mass for Ethiopian migrants killed in Libya

Mass for Ethiopian migrants killed in Libya

  • 24 April 2015
Religious leaders in Ethiopia from Christian and Islamic faiths have strongly condemned th killings of 30 Ethiopian migrants for their faiths by extremists in Libyia.


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