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Caritas Mauritania

Caritas Mauritania is a non-governmental organisation under Mauritanian law. It is affiliated with Caritas Internationalis and managed by a Board of Directors, of which the bishop of the country’s only diocese is an ex-officio member.

The activities of Caritas Mauritania have evolved over the years in terms of the humanitarian situation. Today, it operates in three main areas: organisation of local structures (women’s cooperatives); food security; and support to the most vulnerable sectors of the population. The activities are designed and implemented via a participatory process that closely involves the beneficiaries. This approach aims to ensure people’s autonomy.

In terms of support for local structures, Caritas has carried out capacity building at rural and urban women’s cooperatives regarding sewing, hairdressing, leather tanning and raising capital, as well as building and fitting out community shops.

Following the food crisis in 2011, via its emergency and food security programme, Caritas Mauritania carried out activities relating to cash transfer, livestock replenishment and support for re-launching agriculture, especially in the south of the country which was particularly affected by the crisis.

Caritas also gives priority to supporting vulnerable sectors of the population, especially prisoners and early school leavers. Activities aimed at prisoners include their free time (reading, drawing), and training them to be electricians and carpenters to facilitate their re-entry into the labour market on leaving prison.

Each year, a vocational training centre prepares early school leavers for entry into the labour market via training in mechanics, electricity for the construction industry, carpentry, hairdressing, information technology.

All of this is in keeping with our motto: “A fairer world where men and women can develop their potential and gain access to greater dignity.”

Partners: Caritas Belgium, Caritas Canary Islands, Caritas Spain, Caritas Tenerife, Caritas Italiana, Caritas England and Wales (CAFOD), Catholic Relief Services CRS), Secours Catholique (Caritas France) and Development and Peace (Caritas Canada).

Italian Bishops’ Conference, Catholic Committee Against Hunger and for Development, Entwicklungshifeklub, John Paul II Foundation for the Sahel, Raoul Follereau Foundation, Manos Unidas and Memisa Belgium.
French Embassy, United States Embassy, Council of Gran Canaria, Council of Tenerife, Belgian development cooperation, Spanish development cooperation, Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), European Union and Mauritanian government departments.

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