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Caritas Morocco

Caritas Morocco started with a dual foundation because at the time Morocco was divided into two protectorates and there were two independent Caritas organisations. One was called Secours Catholique based in Casablanca and recognised in 1947, while the other, called the Secrétariat diocésain de Charité, was based in Tetouan and founded in 1953. The two organisations were united when Morocco became independent in 1956.

Caritas Morocco was recognised as a member of Caritas Internationalis in October 1957. The two diocesan Caritas – Rabat and Tangiers – have voluntarily maintained a large degree of autonomy.

Caritas Morocco has always wished to be modest and discreet, representing the Church’s role in Moroccan society, in which all citizens are Muslims. The organisation is broken down into small teams of volunteers in some towns in the archdioceses of Rabat and Tangiers, which help to combat poverty, intolerance and discrimination, with no distinction made in terms of race, religion or ethnic group.

Caritas Morocco works on integral development, including emergency aid if necessary; social actions aimed at the most vulnerable; and regarding development, advocacy plays an important part in its activities.
The majority of Caritas Morocco’s commitments entail supporting local associations in the diocese of Rabat, or the work carried out by congregations via the diocese of Tangiers. Priority areas of intervention include helping marginalised people, assisting the disabled, supporting vulnerable girls and women, and helping young people and workers in rural areas.

However, a new problem arose in the mid-1990s with the arrival of large numbers of sub-Saharan migrants trying to get to Europe. Since then Caritas Morocco has worked on this issue, primarily in Rabat and Casablanca.

Caritas Morocco aims to make the poorest independent and responsible. Its actions are based on teamwork, for the benefit of all concerned. Therefore, Caritas Morocco collaborates with local associations that share this aim, in support of projects relating to training, literacy, socialisation, access to healthcare, etc.

Caritas Morocco also collaborates with national and international agencies. For more information, see our website.

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