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Catholic Charities USA-CCUSA

Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) was founded in 1910 as the National Conference of Catholic Charities and it is the largest private network of social service organisations in the United States; the organization changed its name to Catholic Charities USA in 1986. It’s motto, ‘Working to Reduce Poverty in America’ aims to provide strong leadership and support to enhance the work of Catholic Charities 162 agencies in their efforts to reduce poverty, support families, and empower communities.

Catholic Charities USA agencies provide a wide array of programmes include pregnancy counseling and adoption services for individuals and families, raising social awareness in the areas of racial equality and human trafficking that are related to and contribute to the growing crisis of poverty, and disaster relief and recovery by providing emergency food, shelter, direct financial assistance, counseling and support. Since 1990, CCUSA Disaster Operations have coordinated the Catholic Church’s response to thousands of disasters; the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, the 2005 Hurricane Season, the 2010 Gulf Coast Oil Disaster, the 2011 Spring Storms and most recently, the impact of Super storm Sandy. CCUSA food services programmes such as soup kitchens, dining services, and a home delivered meals called Meals on Wheels, provides help and creates hope to the millions of American families, children, and single adults living in poverty. For every dollar donated to Catholic Charities agencies approximately 90 cents goes directly to programmes and services across the country that serve over 10 million people each year regardless of their religious, social or economic backgrounds.

Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, Catholic Charities USA staff of over 65,000 employees and 300,000 volunteers support the 162 CCUSA agencies across the country by enhancing the delivery of quality human services, strengthening Catholic identity and parish engagement, building up leadership and organisational capacity, and fortifying disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

One of the members of the Caritas Internationalis network, Catholic Charities works with more than 1,700 agencies, institutions and organisations, as well as individual organisations of the diocese.

Caritas Updates from the United States

  • How young migrants fall into the hands of traffickers

How young migrants fall into the hands of traffickers

  • 4 February 2017
Jimmy Lopez, 24, was trafficked after he left his family in Honduras to go to the United States. His story reminds us of the vulnerability of child migrants to human trafficking, and the need to protect them and their rights.


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