Aid against the odds in Darfur

Credits: Caritas/Jeffrey

Credits: Caritas/Jeffrey

This is some of what Caritas and its partners have done in Darfur from January to March 2008:

  • Helped 250,000 people
  • Given household items to 12,700 who’re without homes
  • Drilled 18 boreholes and got 106 handpumps working
  • Treated 50,000 illnesses
  • Fed nearly 9000 pregnant women, new mothers, babies and toddlers
  • Set up eight sports teams for peace

It’s just a fraction of the hard work carried out in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, all against a backdrop of danger to aid workers and the people they’re trying to help.

The work covers helping those who’ve lost their homes in the conflict – with that number growing all the time.

It also means working in existing camps to provide clean water and sanitation, health and nutrition, counselling, education, and getting agriculture going again.

In February and March, 125 midwives and traditional birth attendants from across South and West Darfur attended a five-day refresher training course funded by Caritas partners. The women went home better able to support women to give birth safely.

Peacebuilding efforts took place to spread hope and good practise so that the nightmare in Darfur might one day be ended.

Caritas Internationalis has joined forces with Action by Churches Together, and has a team of 27 international staff and 318 Sudanese staff working with our national members Sudan Council of Churches, Sudanaid (Caritas Sudan), and the Sudan Social Development Organisation (SUDO).

Please download the fact sheet covering our operations from January-March 2008

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