Lessons learned in Tabasco floods

Lessons learned in Tabasco floods

Lessons learned in Tabasco floods

It is a year since heavy rains caused massive floods which affected one million people in Tabasco, Mexico.

Caritas was on the ground and made sure people had food, water and shelter during the worst part of the disaster. Once the emergency was over, Caritas turned its focus to building people’s knowledge and resources to face any future floods.

Read the story of Mr Hernández, who received help from Caritas both during the floods and afterwards.

Caritas staff tell their stories
Father Saúl de Jesús Solís Vera, Caritas Tabasco DirectorWhen you’ve just started a new job the last thing you need is to find yourself at the centre of a disaster where many people are turning to you for help
Read more…
Erica Dahl-Bredine, Mexico Country Representative for Catholic Relief Services

The only way Erica Dahl-Bredine could reach the trouble spots of flooded Tabasco last November was by army helicopter. Read more…
Hugo Diaz Gutierrez, Caritas Tabasco Logistics Officer 

Life since the 2007 floods has been a learning curve for Hugo Gutierrez. Last year he was one of the three part-timers working for Caritas Tabasco when the disaster happened. Read more…

Emilie Della Corte, Emergency Programme Officer 

Soon after the Mexican floods hit, Caritas launched an appeal for US$2 million to help the people of Tabasco. Read more…


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