Typhoon Ketsana and Samoa tsunami

Damaged vehicles submerged in water after flash floods caused by Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines Credits: Caritas Manila

Damaged vehicles submerged in water after flash floods caused by Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines
Credits: Caritas Manila

Caritas emergency officers are at full stretch bringing aid to the survivors of a series of humanitarian disasters.

Typhoon Ketsana appeal

Tyhpoon Ketsana (known locally as Typhoon Ondoy) has made 600,000 people homeless in the Philippines and left 1.8 million people in need. The storm has left a trail of destruction across Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Caritas is providing aid to the most vulnerable in the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Caritas and the Catholic Church in the Philippines has already helped survivors with food and shelter and is rushing to do more. For the Philippines, Caritas has launched an appeal for US$ 980,216.29 (Euros 666,813.80) to provide food, medicine, shelter materials and other aid items for 50,000 of the worst affected people for a month.

In Cambodia

Typhoon Ketsana caused extensive damage. It forced 20,000 people from their homes and destroyed scores of buildings and some infrastructure. Caritas will provide a one month food ration to 13,000 people as well as other relief items. Caritas Cambodia will provide 10 mobile clinics with sufficient drug supply for the affected people.

In Vietnam

The typhoon has left over 2000 families in need of help, thousands of hectares of agricultural land damaged and roads blocked. Around 600,000 people have been evacuated to safety. Caritas will focus on helping people rebuild their homes and livelihoods by providing material. 

Samoa tsunami

Hundreds of people in poor coastal communities on the South Pacific islands of Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga have been devastated by a tsunami.

Caritas staff were helping take survivors to safety within hours. Now they need food, medicine and shelter as the clear up begins.

“We were there within 5–6 hours after the tsunami struck delivering assistance. The devastation was astronomical, worse than anything I have ever seen”, said Peter Bendinelli Chair of Caritas Samoa.

“Food, clean water and shelter are the most pressing needs. All the water pipes that run along beside the roads fronting the sea have been totally destroyed as the tsunami waters receded and people are in urgent need of water.”

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