Peace in Colombia is Possible

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A forty-five year war, millions of displaced and millions of lives damaged by killings, kidnappings, landmines and fear.

This is Colombia and this is the place where Caritas is working to ensure “Peace is Possible”.

Caritas is there for the people of Colombia with material and moral support. Caritas also lobbies the Government and international community on the issue of peace in Colombia.

Peace is Possible is not just the name of a Caritas Campaign, it is also our hope for the future of this rich and diverse country which could offer so much to Colombians.

Caritas has called on the Government of Colombia to live up to its international obligations to those who have lost their homes. The Colombian government must also ensure that the rights of vulnerable groups such as women, children, and indigenous populations are protected.

Caritas says widespread violations committed within Colombia such as extrajudicial killings must be thoroughly investigated, judicial independence must be ensured and freedom of speech must be protected.

Here are two stories of people whose lives were uprooted by Colombia’s war. With Caritas’ help they have been facing their difficulties to build new lives and face each day with new hope.

Eva Mape decided to set up her own tailoring business supported by Caritas. Credits: Caritas Colombia Empowerment in Colombia
When Colombia’s war reached Eva Mape’s home town and her apartment block was blown up, she realised it was time to leave. Her story echoes that of millions of Colombians who over the past 45 years have lived in terror of a war between the Government, rebels and paramilitaries.
Alfonso Guerra and his family fled to various towns before settling in Cari Cari in northern Colombia. Credits: Caritas Colombia Life without fear
For Alfonso Guerra, life’s certainties don’t even stretch to the safety of a home. Fighting in Colombia between rebels, paramiliatries and the Government for over 45 years has forced millions of people to leave their homes to seek safety.


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