Martina Liebsch, Director of Policy for Caritas Internationalis.

Martina Liebsch, Director of Policy for Caritas Internationalis.

In April and October at the UN in Geneva, Caritas highlighted that women who migrate and work in people’s homes can be exploited and abused. Caritas made recommendations on how to improve the situation of migrants, based on a study of experiences collected from members and partners.

Caritas attended the annual consultations of the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) in Geneva. Caritas contributed to the session on urban refugees, presenting a case study about Colombian refugees in Ecuador. Caritas highlighted the failure by governments and the UN to protect women and girls in conflict situations from rape and other forms of violence and exploitation.

Caritas took part in the Civil Society Days at the Global Forum on Migration and Development in Athens in November. Caritas advocated for rights, stability and security for migrants to contribute to their own development. Together with Christian partners, Caritas urged the international community to give migration policies a more human face.

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